Movies 2011, Weeks 38-40

September 25- October 1, 2011
168) Blade Runner. Harrison Ford stars in this sci-fi thriller about human-like "replicants" he's sent to track down and destroy.  But sometimes his feelings get in the way.  Pretty awesome at times but the narration?  Oh the narration.  Absolutely terrible.  Definitely a thriller.  3.5 stars
169) The Deer Hunter. A film about a group of friends (including Robert DeNiro & Christopher Walken) excited to go to war until they get to Vietnam and are disillusioned by what they see.  I did not get or enjoy the hour-long build-up to war.  The actual war part was short but horrific.  The aftermath included some amazing moments but also some plodding ones.  Some absolutely useless characters in this one.  I can see why people would love/respect this movie.  It was pretty good in isolated spots but I wouldn't want to watch it again.  2.9 stars
170) Bill Cunningham New York. Documentary about the NYTimes photographer behind the street style column.  He's an awesome guy and now a total superstar to me.  I'll have to join the club on that one.  If you like fashion at all, you should like this film.  Riveting.  4.4 stars
171) Gone with the Wind.  I definitely see why this is a classic despite the steppin and fetchin negroes.  Of course there was a romanticized version of the Civil War but what do you expect about something written by a Georgian?  This movie is awesome!  Such a great story!  Also, Clark Gable??? WOW!!  Also the ending?? Yep!  4.8 stars

October 2-8, 2011
172) AClockworkOrange. Futuristic StanleyKubrick film about a violent psycho and his band of psycho friends.  I really hated watching this creepy, disturbing film.  It sticks with you, it's unique, which of course for many is a great part of the appeal but that is part of what makes it so disturbing.  1.4 stars
173) Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man. A documentary about the public interest man and presidential candidate.  It made Nader a sympathetic character while still bringing forth some of the chief criticisms against him.  But this film was full of far too much rhetoric and too many talking heads.  2.4 stars
174) Just Married. Ashton Kutcher & Brittany Murphy (RIP) star in this film about a couple who get married and then all heck breaks loose in their relationship, specifically on the honeymoon.  Clichéd with some bad acting but not the worst movie I've ever seen.  Some pretty unforgivable musical choices, though.  2.9 stars
175) Ben-Hur. Charlton Heston stars in the epic film set in the time of Jesus about a Jewish prince who vows revenge on a Roman friend who betrayed him.  Pretty awesome throughout most of the movie.  The end was a bit sappy but overall, an enjoyable (if obviously incredibly long) film.  3.7 stars
176) Taxi Driver. Robert DeNiro plays a deranged taxi driver who decides he must rid New York of scum on his mission to save a 12-year-old hooker (Jodi Foster).  I can't understand why Foster was nominated for an Oscar.  Because her parents let her play a child prostitute?  She was barely in the film.  Great cinematography.  3.3 stars
177) Prohibition. Five and a half hour Ken Burns documentary about making alcohol illegal in the United States.  As you see, extremely long.  It kind of made me question whether there was still a demand for these sorts of serial movies and if so, why and for how long?  Of course there was amazing archival and some great storytelling but the music was a bit surprisingly cliché.  I understand choosing music your audience can attach to the time but this seemed to go beyond that.  The interviews looked like they were shot without the assistance of current camera equipment-- grainy.  3.5 stars
178) Scream 4. Wes Craven directs yet another Scream movie.  I honestly went into this wondering why Rashan was getting this.  But it was pretty awesome!  Full of surprising twists and turns.  4.2 stars
179) Spartacus. Kirk Douglas stars as the titular character in this epic film from 1960 about the slave who led a revolt against the Romans.  Directed by StanleyKubric, I liked this FAR more than his other film I saw this week.  Slow at times but much of it was riveting.  3.8 stars

October 9-15, 2011
180) The Station Agent. Indie film about a dwarf who relocates to the country intent on becoming a hermit when his only friend dies.  His plans are interrupted by his neighbors.  Amusing, leisurely paced.  I enjoyed it.  3.8 stars
181) Midnight. Claudette Colbert stars as a poor girl in Paris who poses as a Hungarian baroness.  Cute, old school rom com.  Very fun and somewhat unpredictable.  3.8 stars

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