Sticky Fingers

A Pittsburgh man is suing his ex-girlfriend for using super glue. He says she used fast-drying glue to glue his penis to his abdomen, and his butt cheeks together. Talk about revenge. So you're asking how did this happen? They had broken up. She lured him back just for that reason. When he fell asleep, she glued him up. He had to walk a mile to the gas station to get help. I don't care if you are a dude, that mess is hilarious! Lol. Come on. Who is that stupid? Hilarious!

In other news, why was Rosa Parks' funeral seven hours long? Because we needed ample time for all the egos to wear themselves out? That is ridiculous. If any of these people posturing for air time and photo ops actually knew anything about Rosa Parks, they would be aware of the fact that she hated the limelight. She had a foundation that helps children living below the poverty line. That foundation is in debt. While she was alive, she refused to use her name to secure funds for even that worthy cause.

So... do you think that she would want that and all the pomp and circumstance? The tour her body took of the U.S.? The Capitol building, Alabama, the Civil Rights Museum in Detroit, then Greater Grace Temple? The 18 mile processional through Detroit? No.

And in Sandusky, OH, there was a move to put a tribute to Ms. Parks on the wall of the bus. Some "do gooder" said it was wrong because the poster took up the back wall of the bus and that's where she didn't want to sit. Umm... because you can put a poster in the front of the bus? And a huge poster on the back wall isn't a focal point? That makes no sense. And if you do your research, you would know that the bus was full. She didn't want to stand. It had little to do with where in the bus she was sitting. Why do you have to take away the tribute because you're so busy trying to be politically correct? This is why Black people get on my nerves. Always fighting the wrong fight.

On a lighter note, I hate to even bring attention to this but its too funny not to. Mr. Britney Spears is coming out with a new album. Yes, a hip hop album. Let me introduce you to some of his rhyming skils. "Back then, they called me K-Fed, but you can call me Daddy instead." That's in a song called "Y'all Ain't Ready" on his new album "The Truth." Lololololol! Word K-Fed son? Yo I'ma cop dat when it drop b.

Oh yeah and I'm watching "Making the Band 3." I can't help myself. Diddy makes me laugh playin these girls. You should see his face when they sound like trash. Its hilarious! If you don't watch for any other reason, I beg you to watch just that. But I really want to talk about ya girl Lori Ann (the choreographer) with the huge praying hands on her shoulder. That is not cute. Get that outta here! Please!! If you ever want to wear an evening gown or a wedding dress without looking like a hood rat wearing her fake Louis logo prom dress, do not get shoulder or neck tattoos!!! (Monica) Can we pass this out to the black community?! And why did this girl on this show say all her dreams came true when she walked into the room and the Backstreet Boys were there?! See why I watch this? Oh the hilarity! Hahahahaha.


*Madosi said...

very good points ... and a lot of them ...

making the band is hilarious .. but u know what is more hilarious, Ron's House ... I LOVE THAT SHOW!

Chris said...

Apparently, great minds think alike as far as the glue incident goes, he asked for it in some ways, but she was a bit excessive with it.

I was in class and at work when Mother Rosa's funeral took place, and I'm not surprised that there was a bunch of grandstanding going on. That happens at funerals on all levels.

jameil1922 said...

Please stop reading my mind! An upcoming post will definitely address Rev. Run's house! Lol.

Christopher aka CNEL said...

Mmmm using glue to mess up that man's most vulnerable spots is wrong and plain ol grimy.

You're right humility is probably the best word to describe Rosa Parks, aside from courageous. All the pomp and circumstance, all the pageantry was for us, but since it did happen and it did unify most of America if only for a short time, I think people should use it as a teaching moment. Hopefully members of my generation and younger learned what it mean to be bold, caring, compassionate, determined, and selfless. Hopefully some good came out of all the ceremonies.

Brittany Spears is a joke, P. Diddy is a clown, but I do respect very much his business acumen.