Never Satisfied!

Roll over the title and read this article first.

So basically some little girl wasn't doing her homework and her momma said, "I'll get you my pretty." And now people are mad. Some "child psychologist" who probably has no children said you're ruining her for life. Really?

I see. So when you see little Black baby gangsters and bad children running all over creation causing problems, then its the parents fault. And not only is it the parents fault, but its something in those pesky negroes that makes them stupid, criminals, and teen baby machines. But when parents do something to counteract that, then they are abusing their child. Get outta here!! Never satisfied. You know that was a white person who called the cops. Who does that? Come on. Many Black people still subscribe to the it takes a village to raise a child mentality. That includes the village gettin in your business and shaming your child into proper behavior if necessary.

If you let your kids get away with everything, guess what? They turn into mass murderers! See Ted Bundy, the Columbine kids, etc. My main one is the Columbine kids. Those little bad seeds were making bombs and hording guns in their parents' houses. Nice. Love it when that happens. So when you do something to counteract your child working at McDonald's for the rest of your life, particularly when you've worked to attain your own middle class existence, then you're an awful parent. Got it. Its a lot clearer now. Thanks for helping me work this out.

She held a sign on the highway. And not alone. Her mother was with her to enforce the idea. To help her know that while, yes, you will pay for your bad grades, but also I will still love you. And the love is why I'm going to help you. Ugh.


Miss Ashli said...

the link doesn't work. i had to create a blog account just to find that out.

Wynel said...

Oh my gosh, I am so stupid. Alright, I am going to start again. I am from the BIG CO, and I got to talk about the Columbine kids, etc . . . I believe that parents need to be involved most def, but what happens if the parents are stupid? Yeah, that is not the child's fault, however they have to suffer because of it, from baby til death. It is a shame, I know. Usually the ones who want to get in the business, are suppose to have the right intentions? Are they? Someone told me that yes we would like to be judge by our intentions but we are judged by our actions. The question miss never satisfied is . . what are you judging? (I can't wait to hear the answer, be nice.)

jameil1922 said...

I don't think intentions or actions are judged. I think people use their prejudices to draw erroneous conclusions. Based on a lack of knowledge that the black community is not monolithic, people choose to look past or ignore the black community. Or at least the portions of the black community that are closer to what white people believe is the mainstream.

I really get sick of only seeing Black people in situations of misfortune. And I think there are a lot of people, Black people included, that have no idea that the Black middle and upper class exists. So the things that they are exposed to daily i.e. local news, BET, MTV, CNN, etc, etc. becomes all they know and understand further perpetuating the cycle of ignorance. Did that answer your question?

Epsilonicus said...

Your link is not working.Could you send it to me??

Epsilonicus said...

I think that mother in the article did the right thing. Her punishment was unusual and effective. The girl cleaned her act up. I do not see where there is some sort of "pschological trauma". A valuable lesson was learned, her grades improved, and she did not seem too bitter.

I believe we are too soft on children. I can say from experience that butt whippings have saved lives. At least mine. It taught me that there are consequences to every actions. Therefore, I hould think before I do. My mother was not over zealous of punishing me. I get my punishment, sent to my room, and then my mom would come and explain why I was punished. It works. Spare the rod, spoil the child.