Thinking Aloud...

I missed Monday Mindspacing so you're welcome for today.

1) I hate seeing people gathered for national blog events and there are 0 non-white faces. Alllll of the bloggers in the U.S. and you can't diversify AT ALL?? When it's a big company, I write them to complain.
2) Remember how I JUST talked about the show 3 Days to Open? Why did I read that he only did 6 episodes and he won't do any more because they're too exhausting? WHY, BOBBY?? WHY?! Tease.
3) Rashan was off for my birthday...  FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK!! It was glorious! Here we are at Tuesday of the next week and I'm still not ready to relinquish him to the world. I love our cocoon. The fact that we have a ball with just the two of us at the house? Awesome. For now, let's pretend I'll do a birthday recap of all celebrations...
4) The worst thing about mommy bloggers is their guilt and over-analyzing when they're doing NOTHING WRONG. Make the best choices for your family. Don't apologize. Eliminate those unnecessary people who make you feel guilty.
5) Do you guys watch the Tia & Tamera reality show? We love it! It also makes me want twins even more one day! I've wanted them since I was 9!
6) At my family reunion I found out my grandma really wanted twins. She didn't get them. But her son had twin girls (my first cousins). One first cousin has twin sons. Another first cousin has twin grandsons. GIMME MY TWINS!!
7) R.I.P. to my 2nd toenail on my right foot. It has succumbed to running. Slamming my toe into my shoe over hundreds of miles this year is the culprit. It turned black first. When the replacement nail finished growing in, the other one fell off. Since I kept it painted, it wasn't terribly noticeable. The replacement nail is raggedy, though. Immediately painted.
8) I ORDERED NEW RUNNING SHOES!!! YAY!! Thanks to my mom for the birthday money!
9) I've been furiously applying for jobs. I get these flurries of inspiration and do a bunch of them at once. The most annoying thing is that most of them are with colleges or universities and they all have similar application systems requesting the same information over and over with no overlap. I can't just my resume and cover letter. I have to also type in my employment & education history with descriptions and dates and times and people ad nauseum. Let's end this by getting me a fantastic job by the end of the month, mmkay? Thanks, God!
10) I'm supposed to be doing something for someone else... they dragged their feet and now I don't feel like it anymore...
11) There is so much mundanity on twitter, an overabundance of stupid picture quotes on facebook and proselytizing on both. Thank God for the unsubscribe button on facebook. If there would be no bad blood, I would follow 17 people on twitter (instead of 75) and friend 8 people on facebook (instead of 450 or so). Those might be slight exaggerations but go with that. I don't even want to hear the opinions on every topic of the people I love most let alone X person's (usually ill-informed) chatter. Have a seat! *steps down from soapbox*
12) Why can't I stop myself from checking stacks of books out from the library? Because I get absorbed into browsing the stacks (judging books by their covers) and pick up everything that looks interesting. I always have to literally shake myself, say "OKAY!," close my eyes, point my body toward the exit and walk to stop grabbing books. My current faves are memoirs. Can't get enough! They're like extended blogs!


Nicole said...

I hate Facebook these days. If I see one more picture quote, I'll......do nothing. LOL. But it's still annoying. If you can't share your own thoughts, get off Facebook. But then there are the people who DO share their own thoughts on Facebook yet I wish they wouldn't. So obviously there is no pleasing me. I do still enjoy Twitter though.

Mrs Count said...

2. this saddens me greatly. I think I'll call Bobby and beg for 6 more episodes.
5. Tamera trying not to tell Tia she was preggo was hilarious. You wet the dang bed, fess up!

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I am most definitely over Facebook. Either people are ranting about their "Haters" or over sharing those stupid picture quotes. Ugh.. Wow a lost toe nail? Ouch. Sounds painful.

Trish said...

2. That was a tease, but I do understand where he was coming from. I was drained watching him have to fight with those idiots!

3. Aww!! I won't gush over one of my fave couples. I miss the relationships that I had most with people I had that type of connection with.

5. Yes, I never realized how obnoxious Tia was until watching.

6. My grandmother was a twin, her sis died about ten years ago. I also have twin nieces. I would love to have a set, although I saw first hand that it is a ton of work.

7. I lost one too!! You're lucky, there was no way to hide mine, it came completely off, so I had it in shoes all summer. It finally grew out enough to paint a couple of weeks ago. Hello polish! I missed you!!

9. I've been praying you get one. I work at a university and I know what you mean about the application process, it's annoying.

Sparkling Red said...

1) How does that happen? You'd think that bloggers would be representative of the real community.

3) Aw, you adorable guys!

5) Not yet, but I'll keep an eye out for it.

6) Dear, I hate to break this to you, but first you'll have to GET PREGGERS!

7) That's rough.

12) I can so relate.

Adei von K said...

1. Do you get a reply? If so, how do they respond??

3. y'all are so cute!!

7. Ew. I heard marathon runners just cut their toenails completely off. OMG.

11. The unsubscribe ha to be one of the best features on FB. That and the time they took 'is' off the status update lol.
But for real, I think I've gotten to under 400 "friends" and I'm ready to cut some more. Family included. I'm still trying to figure out how to get around that on twitter.
Even if the chatter is informed, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOU GO ON AND ON ABOUT IT. If you're so passionate about it (see: everything), 140 characters at a time is not the right mode for expressing your thoughts. Get a blog, write your representative, leave the rest of us alone.

12. I'm currently obsessed with Fitzgerald. But you knew that already lol

Jameil said...

Nicole... fb is the current bane of my existence. There are too many political thoughts on my TL. I hate it. I don't discuss politics with people.

mrsc... 2) DO IT!!
5) LOL!! Right!? I'm like how could you even try to do this?? Wetting the bed, throwing up for no apparent reason. Ma'am...

sha... Their haters. LOL Mess. The toenail loss wasn't at all painful. The stuff leading up to it was, though. My nail bed was extremely bruised.

trish... 2) lol! but come back, bobby!!
3) :)
5) LOL We love Tia!
7) Everyone talked about how long it would take to grow in so I'm pleasantly surprised!
9) Thank you!

red... 1) this is what I'm saying! I get so frustrated!
3) :)
5) You have me describing all tv shows now. I never know what you have access to! I kind of love it, tho! :)
6) WHAT!?!?! NO ONE TOLD ME!!!
7) It is a very rough looking nail. How did you know??? LOL
12) LOL Book lovers unite!

adei... 1) I've never gotten a reply. That doesn't mean I'll stop.
3) :)
7) Ummm... you mean elite Olympic-level marathoners?
11) It is MARVELOUS! My running group has pushed me up higher than I would be. I relish deleting people I don't see anymore, tho! ROTFL @ "Get a blog, write your representative, leave the rest of us alone." This is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!
12) Ew. I hated The Great Gatsby.