Monday Mindspacing Vol. 147

If you're tired of hearing about sports or the Olympics, you may want to skip this post... or skip around in this post. It's sport-heavy! :)

1) It turns out I care a lot less about the men's marathon than the women's marathon. I found myself fast-forwarding through large swaths of the men's whereas with the women's I was glued to the screen! The men's race didn't get truly interesting for me until the last few miles. No matter the sport, it's sad to see people lead the entire race and drop back to third or worse.
2) For over a month I've really, really, REALLY wanted some Ethiopian food... but the closest restaurants are an hour and a half away. :*(((( SO MEAN!
3) I don't want to get to the point in my running where I care more about not stopping than not peeing on myself. You'll pee on yourself while running TO NOT STOP!??! And these are even people who don't have a hope of winning the race!! Yeah... I'm not about that life.
4) Another Olympics development: I still love synchronized swimming. The difference between the top and bottom is amazing! I'm no longer quite so generous in my feelings toward rhythmic gymnastics. The ribbon? Amazing! All the rest of it? Ehhh. The team competition (which I didn't even know existed before last week) is like watching a circus performance. Too much going on.
5) I'm shocked that I'll be 30 in less than 2 weeks. It's so weird. I went browsing at the mall with Rashan. He said one shirt looked young, "That doesn't look 30." That made me sad. I definitely think there are things I'm too old to wear but a shirt!? Jesus wept. Then at Banana Republic, he said another dress looked "like something Blanche Devereaux would wear." WHY WON'T HE LET ME BE GREAT!?!
6) I blocked, unfriended, hid or unfollowed everyone on twitter and facebook who spoiled some part of the Olympics for me. It's been a wonderfully quiet few weeks. Many of them were long overdue for a separation and won't return. I feel much better!
7) Olympics announcers are so annoying. I will never ever see a "bad" start in track or swimming unless someone starts a full second after the gun or straight up falls. Showing it 700 times from 800 angles isn't going to change that fact. One thing they got right? 4th place is the worst place to finish at the games. So close! Yet so far away...
8) You'll be happy to know my sister-in-law finally posted a picture of the kids! Her self-portraits still outweigh kid pics 10 to 1 but I'll take whatever scraps I can get since that's obviously the best I can hope for.
9) If you want a controversy to go away, you should probably do your part and stop talking about it.
10) Rashan is definitely an introvert while I'm wholeheartedly an extrovert but he gets much more restless from sitting in the house. This makes no sense to me.
11) I enjoy Jimmy Fallon immensely. I need him to let his 50Shades jokes go. Daily for months? That's enough.
12) Did you watch the preview of the new show "Animal Practice"? Terrrrible.

Happy Monday!


Nicole said...

I was just talking about Ethiopian food this weekend. I've never had it before and I need to rectify that situation. There are a couple of blocks in DC that are all Ethiopian restaurants and I need to try it at least once. It's a travesty that I haven't yet.

When Animal Practice came on the TV and Ryan didn't immediately change the channel, I was like "Is this really what's about to happen? Are we really gonna watch this show?" But then he pointed out that I had the remote, which I hadn't realized. I grabbed that remote faster than the speed of light to change the channel. LOL. You're a brave woman for giving that show a shot. When I first saw commercials for it, I said it looked like an SNL skit of an NBC show. Sadly, it is an actual show. Hopefully, it will be canceled quickly.

Trish said...

5. Blanche?!! Hahahahaha!

6. I went through FB making alterations yesterday and it is not over yet. I don't blame you!

8. LOL! I wonder if she was coherced into adding the pics.

9. People just can't seem to help themselves...

10. That is a bit different. I have to make my introvert sister leave the house sometimes.

11. I can't remember the last time I've watched a Late Night show.

Mrs Count said...

9. yooooooo! can you post this every single day? Twitter has always been fun for me but the past few weeks I've wanted to scream! I've muted so many words to keep my sanity.

Epsilonicus said...

I missed most of the Olympics because Comcast decided to be difficult and not connect my tv. *shakes fist violently*

Jameil said...

Nicole!! This is just shameful! Silver Spring has a block full of Ethiopian restaurants. Deliciousness! You're also in luck, I find their vegetarian food is the best! The red lentils and salad with injera bread are my faves. Prepare to need to waddle out. LOL @ you not knowing you had the remote! Extra terrible. I would be shocked if it wasn't quickly canceled.

trish... 5) don't encourage him!
6) tis awesome
8) doubt it
9) yeah but...
10) I'm glad I don't have to make him leave the house but this is another extreme.
11) We tape Jimmy.

mrs.c... I NEED TO!! If I could mute words, I would be so incredibly happy! I like how pretty TweetDeck is. Very clean interface. But there aren't enough of the essential bells and whistles. See: MUTING!!!

epsi... Oh there would be some SMOKE in the city!!!

Sparkling Red said...

3) Wrong priorities. That is all.

5) I try not to shop with my husband too much. Listening to his "helpful comments" can result in me feeling like I'm dressing for him more than for myself. Take it from a veteran married woman: it's better to shop alone! (At least half the time.)

Jameil said...

red... 3) clearly!
5) I don't have that problem. He notices things I don't when I'm on my own. But if there's something I like and he doesn't, I'm still getting it.