Monday Mindspacing Vol. 146

1) Rashan compliments my ... sweeping. Like the hardwood floors. Really? Sweeping? I feel some sort of way about that. And not good.
2) This week's 2 a.m. baking yielded cinnamon cayenne butterscotch brownies. I took this basic recipe (leave out the 2nd set of ingredients... frosting... YUCK) and added cinnamon, cayenne and butterscotch chips. Sounds like kind of a lot, right? It worked! The you didn't taste the cayenne until you finished chewing. It hit you on the finish. I've heard about the interplay of chocolate and spice many times on food shows but experiencing it at my own hand? Pretty cool!
3) Have you guys watched "3 Days to Open" with Bobby Flay? That man is AWESOME! Every show he appears in makes me love him a little more. Spoiler alert: This chick opening a LOUNGE wanting to serve vodka & cranberry? VODKA & CRANBERRY??? I can mix that up standing outside of the liquor store. (LOL... envision your above average, fit, college-educated woman standing outside the liquor store mixing the most basic drink ever... what a vision!) But really, why would I need to go to a lounge for that???
4) I haven't gotten enough quality runs in lately. That changes Tuesday! AKA tomorrow! Can't wait!
5) I need a big juicy burger at least twice a week. Cooked medium, cheese required! The rest of the ingredients are wide open!
6) I'm getting a little burned out from the Olympics. Watching 4 hours per night MINIMUM (probably 6 hours throughout yesterday) will do that to you. The women's marathon was AWESOME! I'm definitely doing a marathon next year! But sheesh. I need a break... after I watch Gabby on uneven bars tomorrow night. My current fave gymnast on my fave apparatus. I'm there! Seven million qualifying rounds and any team sport i.e. basketball, beach or indoor volleyball or soccer? Miss me. I could really do a whole post on my Olympics proclivities...
7) I really hate Olympics spoilers. The tape delay is our reality. I  know social media exists but I still want to be able to enjoy the races in prime time. I've unfollowed, hidden or unfriended all spoiler-y people on twitter and facebook. I'll be back after the Olympics... maybe... if I remember.
8) Some people really abuse the retweet function of twitter. I really don't need to see every irrelevant conversation. Along that vein, if you're sharing other people's ideas more than 20xs per day, maybe you need to find a way to make gossip your profession. Ouch. That was way harsh, Tai.
9) I haven't gotten my "do something drastic/crazy" desire out. I don't know what will make that go away but it hasn't happened yet.
10) My secret obsession? Googling half marathon race recap. I do it at least once a week and read all about the races of people I will likely never meet running in places I will likely never run. I love it! ... Except when I happen upon the blog of someone who rarely or never runs or runs a distance I've worked really hard at and they casually throw out a first time finishing time I will have to TRAIN LIKE MY LIFE DEPENDS UP ON IT to even approach. SOMEBODY'S LYING! BUT... If you're going to be that good on your first try, please, please do me a favor and don't treat it like it's not a big deal. If it really didn't matter to you, you probably wouldn't bother mentioning what you have to know is a good time.
11) I'm the head person for my local running group... which leaves me with a ton of facebook friends I don't want to have. Coming to a run once doesn't mean we should be facebook friends. Can we not? But I don't know how to say this without coming off rude or standoffish. I'm glad you're enthusiastic! But I don't feel like my life should be an open book to you because I was recruited volunteered to lead a running group.
12) The last couple of weeks have presented runs with some sort of torture. When I had an AMAZING run in Charlotte (finally averaging under 11 minute miles - 10:44 - on a 3-mile course that compared to where I usually run felt flat), I smelled Krispy Kreme doughnuts (yes, SPECIFICALLY them!) at the start and finish!! A week ago, I smelled bacon rounding into mile 6. I almost ate one of my running partners! Then Sunday, someone was grilling burgers. These are not phantom smells! You should have heard us exclaiming each day. LOLOL


Adei von K said...

1. he thinks you're a good sweeper? he likes your technique?? LOL!

3. I definitely imagined you standing in the ABC parking lot with a little bottle of smirnoff and a gas station bottle of ocean spray... and a paper bag like a real wino! LMMFAO!!!!

6. they are KILLLLLLLING me with incessant beach volleyball coverage!!! OMG, in 2004 it was women's soccer and softball :-/

8. I follow spike lee then I remember why i unfollow him that same day. i've done it twice already. he STAYS RT'ing!!! dude! let me know something abt a new project or something, not what other people think of you! and as for commonfolk RTs... you can stop that too.

Benny said...

Hey, you were talking about improving your running times and I just have a tip that you might be interested in; some of the girls from my old ballet class took up running after they cut down on dancing (after a certain age it's just pointless unless you actually want to be a dancer) and they were saying that when they started out they were all getting amazing lap times - faster than people who had been doing it for years even. I don't know much about running but it might be worth a try, love the blog btw x

Sparkling Red said...

There's nothing more attractive than a woman who knows how to handle a broom. *serious face*

Those brownies sound awesome!

Jameil said...

adei... 1) SO BIZARRE
3) LOLOLOL A real live, alcohol-sipping wino! I am not she!
6) LET IT GO!!!
8) I followed and unfollowed him the same day, too. For the same reasons!

benny... I definitely want to include some dancing in my non-running workouts just for fun. Getting faster? Bonus!

red... LOLOL & they were quite good!