Movies 2012: Weeks 29-31

All caught up on my movie posts!

Week 29: July 15-21, 2012
100) This Is Not A Robbery. A documentary about an elderly man who robs banks for fun. Extra nutty. Full of his own storytelling and anecdotes from people who knew him and witnessed his robberies. The bouncing in the story line was a little confusing at times toward the end and the actual end was a bit repetitive. I definitely didn't feel like we needed to hear a wrap up from every person we'd already seen. But still a great watch. 3.9 stars
101) The Baby Dance. Lara Dern plays a married woman pregnant with her fifth child, forced by poverty to give it away. She was good as was the girl playing her daughter. Stockard Channing as the adoptive mother was also good. The men were annoying periphery. Melancholy film but it did a good job of holding my attention. 3.4 stars
102) One Day. Anne Hathaway stars in this film about the relationship between a working-class girl and a rich guy on the same day year after year. Interesting enough, harmless movie. Patricia Clarkson takes a sweet role as the cad's mother. Hathaway's British accent, though? Wretched. 3.4 stars
103) Friends with Kids. Lots of stars dot this movie about unattached best friends who decide to have a child together after seeing the wrecks children made of their friends' marriages. It shows the back and forth of their relationship over the years. Enjoyable if at times predictable. 3.9 stars

Week 30: July 22-28, 2012
104) Little Children. Kate Winslett stars as a bored suburban mother who begins an affair to spice up her life. It also follows her lover and assorted other characters in their neighborhood. I loved the omnipotent narrator. More than watchable film. I enjoyed it. 4 stars
105) The First Year. A documentary about first year teachers at in a Los Angeles school district. I love/hate how naive they all are. I love that they have the optimism, hate that by now they're probably no longer teaching or are seriously jaded. I'd love an update. This film focused on problems with students which made me a little uncomfortable. They used full names. There wasn't any blurring of faces. I wonder what privacy discussions the filmmakers had. I can't say I loved this film. 2.4 stars

Week 31: July 29- August 4, 2012
106) Man on a Ledge. A film about a cop who goes out on a ledge to prove his innocence. Meh. Action-esque and mildly interesting but full of overacting which ultimately detracted from the total impact. 2.9 stars
107) Chocolat. A film about a woman who moves to a small French town with her daughter, turning it upside down. Too precious. It tried far too hard to be fanciful which gave it an air of desperation. It almost felt like a Disney movie. 2.9 stars
108) The Big Year. Jack Black, Owen Wilson & Steve Martin play three birders who are all looking to have a "big year" -- a year where one man sights more birds than any other man. Surprisingly amusing. I watched this on a lark (LOL) and just happened to enjoy it. 3.7 stars
109) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law star as Sherlock Holmes and his best friend Dr. Watson off to solve another case. Amusing but I had difficulty paying attention. I loved RDJ's character, though. 3 stars
110) Grease. Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta star in this musical about teenagers who fall in love over the summer and the circumstances that bring them together and push them apart. Cute. A lot more vulgar than I expected. I was a little surprised how many of the songs I recognized. I can't get "Summer Lovin" out of my head now! 3.8 stars


K. Rock said...

"...the chicks will cream...for Grease Lightening"

Yeah that one gets me everytime too.

Jameil said...

Sooo horrible! I kept thinking randomly, aren't musicals usually kid-friendly?? This one has double entendres at every turn. And the cheese... Lord. It must be one of those movies you need to see when you don't know any better. Doesn't rank as one of my favorite musicals.