No(i)sy Neighbor

Sooo... I've never been the one to over-interact with my non-age similar neighbors. There is an extremely motley crew (or crüe if you prefer that spelling) among the six apartments in two houses over here. Can we just talk about some of the things I've seen?

One of my neighbors gets multiple HUGE boxes several times a week. Her and the mailman are BFFs. What on earth is she doing over there??? Either the world's busiest meth lab or... IDK what.

Another neighbor always talks to me in the middle of conversations. I see her twice a month max and yet every time she starts talking I feel like she's picking up the conversation where last we left it. Ummm... ma'am... BEWILDERED and yes, FLUMMOXED. (S/O to Naima LOL) For the last two weeks, she's walked by her mail every single day and left it in the box. It hangs out, is very distinctive and right next to our box. You can't miss it. One day we got excited and thought she got it. Nope. She just put it in the chair beneath the box. What?? THEN after two days of that, she put it back in the box. She finally took it in the house Sunday as far as I could tell... but there's new mail languishing there in its place. But why??? Why do you hate your mail???

The best, though? Our new neighbors. They have a baby so they smoke outside. Fine. They've been here a month. When they were looking at the place, they said they were worried about their baby making too much noise and disturbing the neighbors. I've decided that was code. In the first three weeks they had four SCREAMING, door slamming, stomping, stuff throwing, knock down, drag out fights. Every one before 10 a.m. Three before 9 a.m. All of them woke us up. And they last the good part of an hour or more. One time he left, called, more screaming solely from her end this time, came back, more screaming, left again. So awful. And scary, honestly. I don't want shooting to start and a stray bullet to come flying through the walls. Or for him to be beating her so badly that she dies. After the third one, enough was enough. I really wanted to call the cops after the second and the third but once the third hit, that was it. I said, the next time I'm calling the cops.

Time number 4 arrived last Wednesday. The day after time number 3. Seriously, people? I called the cops, then opened my windows to listen to the interaction. They come to the door like nothing happened even though they were still yelling as the cop was pulling up. They start talking about their baby and how they weren't arguing and all kinds of other placating foolishness. I heard something about getting pulled over and not having a valid license and concussions. The cop said, "Well maybe you were making a little bit too much noise." Maybe?? Only God knows what's actually going on over there but all of that is no excuse for you to be waking the neighbors with your noise four times in less than a month.

In the week since, they have been as quiet as church mice. But I'm not optimistic that this is a permanent solution. I'm ready to go. If moving was as simple as saying I'm ready, we would've been long gone. Right now there's no point in us moving since I fully intend to have a job by September. Whether my job is local or elsewhere, we're definitely blowing this joint. Oh what a day of rejoicing that shall be!


K. Rock said...

Sounds terrible. Y'all just cant catch a break with this living situation. Sounds like the police call shook them up a bit. It s good you did it before physical violence started going down over there. September is not a long way away so just hang in there.

Los Angelista said...

Good grief. Fighting like that? Lordy. We've had those before--I called the cops on one because one day I thought he was murdering her. He left before they came and she was all, oh I cut my head when I tripped. Sigh.

Sparkling Red said...

Ai ai ai! No es bueno.

I have only had to call the cops on my neighbours once, when I was renting. The nutso guy who lived next door had a Kuh-Razy girlfriend and I don't know what the heck they were getting up to on the other side of the door, but it wasn't good.

Now my neighbours are all pretty quiet. The worst I have to deal with is kids learning to play the violin.

Ladynay said...

Unacceptable! You and the hubbs be safe over there till yall can leave them jokers in the wind!

The Goddess said...

I would call the police EVERY time and call management also. Hopefully no one gets hurt in the meantime. Crazy!!!

Jameil said...

k... IDK that it wasn't physical

liz... I CUT MY HEAD WHEN I TRIPPED??? Come on people...

red... that's exactly how i feel! idk what's going on over there but it's not good! listening to someone learning an instrument is another kind of torture!

lady... that's the plan

tg... i really need for no one to get hurt

Trish said...

I'm super late as I've been sick but this reminds me of my old neighbors. I don't miss them one bit!! Good you called the cops!

MrsTDJ said...

Man. Bad neighbors can make daily living something like hell. Our next door neighbors are pushing us - from their junky azz cars, to the new family of pit bulls and way more foot traffic than is legal, I've had just about enough. **crossing fingers that you job happens soon**

Jameil said...

trish... and even better that they've been quiet since!

mrs.tdj... awful! i was on edge for literally weeks. a FAMILY of pitbulls?!?! i need them to stop!!