Movies 2012: Weeks 15-17

The ebbs and flows of my film viewing are bizarre to me. How is it that I'll watch one movie in a week and not miss it at all then binge-watch. Wait I get it now. I feel guilty after watching only one movie in a week and try to make up for it by watching 5-10, feel like I wasted too much time watching that many movies, then go back to my more chaste viewing style. Ridiculous. Is this a cry for help? Maybe.

Week 15: April 8-14, 2012
60) The Descendants. George Clooney stars as a man looking for answers when he finds out his terminally ill wife was cheating on him. At the same time, he has some serious decisions to make about his family's valuable real estate. The stories don't mesh well and it's quite ridiculous. And yet... George... oh George. I like George. This film has its moments but overall it's at best, fair. 3.2 stars

Week 16: April 15-21, 2012
61) Marwencol. A documentary about a man who created a world full of dolls as a personal form of therapy after he lost his memory in a brutal attack. Fascinating. It would have been even more fascinating if it had been a short film. As a full length enterprise, the film dragged. 3 stars
62) The Iron Lady. Meryl Streep takes an Oscar-winning turn as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. There was too much emphasis on Thatcher's decline for my taste. It also floated back and forth through time somewhat recklessly. Not the best film. 3 stars
63) Anchors Aweigh. Gene Kelly & Frank Sinatra star as members of the Navy going on leave. I usually can't stand Kelly as an actor (I find him wooden) but he was enchanting from the outset. Cute but long. The cartoon segment, though? So ridiculous. 3 stars
64) Air Force One. Russian hijackers overtake Air Force One when Harrison Ford is playing the president. You just know it's not going down like that! Oh the hilarity and excitement that ensues! I also heard the worst line ever in a movie, "Gee boss! What are you doing here?" Really? Just terrible. Fun watch. 4 stars

Week 17: April 22-28, 2012
65) J. Edgar. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the FBI's notorious first director, J. Edgar Hoover. Overacted by DiCaprio with a plodding story line. Armie Hammer as Hoover's confidant, Clyde Tolson was pretty awesome. But not enough to make up for the dragging screenplay. 2 stars
66) Please Give. A successful Manhattan family develops a relationship with the granddaughters of the cranky old lady next door. Odd situations ensue as neurotic, narcissistic and indifferent personalities collide. Amusing and different. Enjoyable. 4 stars

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Ugh.. the one movie you enjoyed and I considered watching isn't on Net.flix!