Monday Mindspacing Vol. 138

1) My 2nd 10K is on Saturday and I'm already in obsess mode! Thinking about it all the time! I also super love reading runners' race recaps!
2) I didn't cook dinner yesterday. Whaaaaat??? So I'm doing it big tonight! Can't wait!
3) Yep. Newborns are still creepy looking.
4) I saw this actual facebook status this morning, "SRRY II DIIDNT GT A CHANCE 2 C YALL MYB NXT TYME..... P.S HAV A SAFE TRIIP BAC HME..." First. Why are you typing in all caps??? I know what you're thinking... THAT'S FIRST?? I really didn't know where to start. Second, why? I'm all for people expressing themselves but this is just...
5) ROTFL @ this tweet of the week from a middle school friend: Some grown man is out there right now gettin their Steve Harvey or J. Anthony Brown outrageously colored suit together for tomorrow!
6) We did a round of Easter calls yesterday. 
a. I make my grandma's WEEK every time I call her! She tells me so! :)
b. My MIL tried brussels sprouts because I said they were good & she also liked them!

c. Our 14yo niece LOVES US! Every time we call to talk to anybody in the house, she eventually grabs the phone. YAY!
7) It's been too long since I watched my favorite movies to quote ad nauseum: When Harry Met Sally, Superstar, Mean Girls, Brown Sugar. It's beyond time! I watch so many new to me movies that I forget to love on my old favorites!
8) I have not eaten enough meatless non-breakfast meals lately! Must remedy this week!
9) When I was a kid, I wanted to do slang translations of the Bible for Sunday School. LOL I never got around to it.
10) One of my fellow Hamptonians always says, "Don't let your Monday steal your Sunday!" I love it! Not only because it drives me nuts to hear people say on Saturday night or Sunday morning, "UUUGGGH!! The weekend's almost over!!!" but also because it's so positive and uplifting!
11) I think I'm always exactly where I need to be. It may not be where I think I WANT to be but it's exactly where God NEEDS me to be. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow. I'm so glad I went to UF. I met one of my favorite people in the world there! Also... GO GATORS!!!
12) I'm in a good mood today! I hope you are, too! :)


Mrs Count said...

1. Go go go!
2. I couldn't make ham waffles because we didn't have ham. I did not plan well.
3. Very true.
9. Me too!
10. That's cute. I don't see the point of complaining about Monday. It always comes back.

Sparkling Red said...

10) So true! Same goes for seasons. On September 1st my husband was already moaning about how winter was coming and how much he hates snow. Well we had a warm fall, a relatively warm, dry, winter, and an early spring. Think of how much worry he wasted on nothing!

pserendipity said...

1. Yay for second 10ks!! My first one is on an undetermined date in the year never.
3. Except Aidan. Of course.
4. Which is why I don't friend people under 21 unless they're relatives. Please don't tell me a bona fide adult did that.
6. Yay for calling Grannys! Aidan and I moseyed over to see mine on Sunday. She was beyond joyous. Made it a happy Easter!
7. I never watch movies twice. Exception: The Color Purple, The Ballad of RickyBobby.
9. It's never too late. And there's probably a market for it.
10. Love that!
12. I just booked a moving truck. I AM indeed!!

Jameil said...

mrs.c ... thank you!
2. aw man!
9. lol! apparently a popular thought!
10. right???

red... LOL! yes! when i lived in Pittsburgh, I couldn't help myself but the weather, does indeed happen without our permission so bemoaning it does no good!

p... 1) LOL!
3) Um yeah
4) Not one of my friends but yeah, I'm pretty sure this person was over 21. I've slowly crept up the age of people who can be my fb friend. It used to be 21 even if you were a relative. There are almost no exceptions.
6) So cute!
7) Not Ricky Bobby!! LOLOL
9) Ha! I bet! I'm so old now, though. It would be obsolete as I wrote it.
10) Me too!

K. Rock said...

1. Me too! Good luck on this one. Hopefully you wont make us wait forever for the recap (ahem). Start writing it now.
4. I could see that if it were Twitter but you have all the space you want on FB. Some people just
dont like vowels I guess.
6. I like brussel sprouts too but only if they are roasted.
10. I like that saying too.

The Goddess said...

WOW!! How awesome. You are doing it with the running. I hope it went well. Can't wait for YOUR runners recap. :)

Jameil said...

k... 1) that's enough outta you
4) that would be acceptable to you but for the forum??? ma'am...
6) i've never had them any other way
10) :)

tg... thanks! it was great!