Small Talk

Me: *Places sponges on counter*
Family Dollar Guy: Hm. Got some new sponges, huh?
Me: I don't know.
FDG: You don't know?!?
(Overlapping speech)
Me: I don't come here often enough to know whether you have new sponges.
FDG: They yo sponges, ain't they??
Me: *blank stare*

We must have a conversation about my sponges??? And a basic one?? But why?? Obviously I'm buying new sponges so.... Please just ring me up, sir. Tell me this is not the worst kind of small talk.


Trish said...

LOL! It should have gone like this...

FDG: They yo sponges, ain't they??

J: Oh, thanks for pointing that out! I came in to get old sponges, where do you keep them?

Hahahaha! People go through great lengths just to say something!

Mr. JOB said...

I needed a postcard stamp once. I went to the post office.

Me: I need a postcard stamp.
Handed a postcard WITH a stamp on it.
Me: No, I just need a stamp.
Handed a regular postage stamp.
Me: No, I need a POSTCARD STAMP.
Handed BACK the postcard WITH the stamp on it.
Me: I just need the stamp.
Postal clerk: There's a stamp right on it!
He handed me a postcard stamp.


K. Rock said...

I hate small talk too. So forced. So uncomfortable. When someone opens their mouth to comment on the weather or something else mundane, I just want to stop them mid sentence. "Hey! We dont have to do this."

Naima said...

Man. He was grasping for something...anything!

Jameil said...

trish... LOLOL! "Do you have any used sponges? I'm tryna get a discount..."

job... ROTFL!!!!! THAT IS THE NUTTIEST STORY!!! I LOVE IT!! These things happen to give us something to talk about on the web!

k... LOL! The weather ones... -_- I told Rashan the other day "You should just say what K. Rock says." LOLOL

naima... LOL! but why???? sir... "did you find everything?" will really suffice. "Hello, cash or credit?" would really be even better.