Monday Mindspacing Vol. 135

1) Did my first 10k this weekend!!! Wheeee!! I'll post about it later in the week but here are a few details: okay finish, good food, bad hosts and terrible awards ceremonies. The organizers really put a terrible taste in my mouth. It was bad enough for me to write a letter to the organizers.
2) I keep my windows open during the day and you should hear me vetting the people looking at the apartment behind us. "Small baby? Nope. The walls are too thin." "Is that a cigarette?!? What do I need to tell you to get you to leave???"
3) We have a large closet... but it seems like it's shrinking. I got this apartment before we lived together and it falls far short of our joint needs. Dear job, I've put in my applications. I'm waiting. Are you calling? XOXO -Me
4) Where is spring!?!? I don't want us to already be in the 80s!!! :((((((
5) I tasted that Dorito taco at Taco Bell. Meh. Even for fast food. I'm a foodie but sometimes I dig my fast food. This was not their best effort. Their healthy tacos are actually pretty good if overpriced in relation to the rest of their menu.
6) This is currently my favorite commercial:

Cracks me up EVERY TIME!!!!! LOLOL
7) I think my neighbor leaves her tv on when she leaves. And still her dogs GO NUTS when she leaves the house. There was actual howling today!
8) I read that skipping is  good alternative form of fitness when training for a run. Can someone tell me where a grown woman who lives in an apartment skips without having people point and laugh??? Doesn't exist.
9) I would've never EVER watched "Family Guy" w/o Rashan. Did I say ever? I don't like adult cartoons. I guess I should say I didn't like adult cartoons. It cracks me up now... sometimes.
10) In case you were wondering, coffee still makes me crackish. Whatever I had Sunday was so strong that even after I diluted it with water to make it cool enough to drink, I was INSTANTLY awake and excited. Twas. NUTS.
11) Somebody go make me some breakfast.


K. Rock said...

1. Can't wait to hear about it.
3. i just decided that i am going to actually pack some winter clothess and store them because my closet is getting a little tight.
4. This is perfect to me. But it assures that summer will be ridiculous.
6. Ha! Poor Dad.
9. I am not really a fan either. Every now and then but I could definitely do without it.
10. Coffee gives me the jerks too but sometimes I need it.

Sparkling Red said...

1) Congrats! That is a lot of running.
2) If you see someone carrying a trumpet case, get out there fast and act really threatening and obnoxious.
3) Closets are like that. Ditto for bureaus, kitchen cupboards, and storage lockers.
11) I'm on it! *fries eggs* Hmm, I wonder if I just slip these into a bubble-wrap envelope, can I send them airmail?

Jameil said...

k... 1) it's coming!
3) I've been doing that my whole life. Nothing can make up for this lack of storage space. The only thing in here that could count as storage space is a closet the size of a hall closet where you might put linen. The other closet is our clothes closet. Though large, the fact that it has to be EVERYTHING else... bad.
4) i don't like running in it. it takes a normal run to weirdness.
6) LOLOL I know!!
9) ditto.
10) i've never needed it but when i'm extra sleepy, i drink it sometimes.

red... 1) thank you!
2) LOLOL!!! That would've been awesome!
3) If only we had a bureau, adequate kitchen cupboards and there is no space for storage lockers so... lol
11) Maybe! Mark "fragile" and "deliver within one hour" and hope for the best!