Goals: March 2012

I need these goals in my life! I feel so untethered and useless without them! I also need at least three new 30 Before 30 goals. Help! So far I've run over 75 miles this year.  Wow... that sounds crazy! I've been KILLING my book goal. I wanted to read 45. I'm well into my 18th book of the year already! Love it!

Anyway, I've based my March goals on my year goals and my 30 Before 30. Here they are!

1) Cook at least 3 repeat recipes. I already subconsciously remembered I wanted to do this and repeated two more recipes this year than I ordinarily repeat (meaning 3 since I MIGHT repeat one recipe for every 50 I try. No really...). Cauliflower soup was one of them. Rashan called it delightful. Wow! I definitely want to repeat Giada's turkey, sun-dried tomato & feta meatloaf. One of my favorite dishes ever!
2) Run a 10k! I love that I'm doing this! It's also on my 30 Before 30 so WOOT!
3) Attend at least two church services. Bible study counts.
4) Finish transcription for a short.
5) Research and compile information for my professional website.
6) Find somewhere to volunteer.
7) Cook at least 3 Tyler Florence recipes. I want to finish cooking my way through this book!! Some of the recipes are prohibitively expensive but you'd better believe the second things go on sale I'm ON IT!!
8) Write a syllabus.
9) Edit our wedding video.


gradydoctor said...

You make me feel like a failure! Ha! I love your goal lists. They inspire me.

Cauliflower soup on the other hand? Two words: Ee. Yew.

And you know I think feta smells like toe jam.

That's it for now. :)

Jameil said...

Aw! Gotta have my goals! If you like soup, you will probably like it. It's surprisingly delicious! Feta is one of my top 5 cheeses!!!!!

Ladynay said...

*thumbs up* Yeah this is a sucky comment but whatever! LOL

Jameil said...