Monday Mindspacing Vol. 133

1) I stayed up this morning looking for the snow showers we could possibly get. Where are they??? Hmmm??? (I refuse to watch the local news as they prepare for snowmaggedon AKA an inch that won't stick.)
2) I ran with a large group for the first time yesterday... WOW! So cool! Too bad it was a joint effort of two groups in the area who generally run separately. They're too far for me to regularly drive and vice versa. :(
3) I had to break up with my running partner because she wasn't trying to get faster anymore. I felt like I was dragging her to pace every run. So draining. We had a talk about it and agreed to run separately... but she hates running alone so after less than a week I already feel her trying to reunite. And it wasn't a true break because we still see each other for group runs twice a week. We just don't run together the rest of the week. But she still texts me several times a week. I need a break from her. :(
4) I have been on a dessert kick for the last few months. I've never been a sweets person. Even now if you give me a choice between appetizer and dessert, I'm picking appetizer. Salty snack or sweet one, salty, please! But there's been some sort of trigger lately and I'm going NUTS! I bake something at least once a week and it's gone in less than 3 days. We've had brownies, ginger peanut butter cookies & lemon bars in the last three weeks. It's taking everything in me not to go eat the last lemon bar right now.
5) I finally used the electric citrus juicer we got for the wedding and OMG! I love it so much that after I juiced what I needed for the lemon bars, I juiced all of the limes I bought on the spur of the moment. LOL Now I need to figure out what I'm going to do with 1/2 cup of fresh lime juice. Lime bars??? Margaritas??
6) I need a friend trip. I haven't seen most of my closest friends since my wedding. They're all spread out and I miss them!
7) I know a girl who's a historical re-enacter here. I tried on all of her 1800s hats this weekend and wanted every single one!!! Oh how I wish we lived in a time where people still wore hats daily!
8) I'm in the waiting period for most of the jobs I've applied for and I'm so, SO ready to know something. Something like the two I want most also want me the most! Regardless, I know God's preparing me AND my future employer!
9) Is anyone still playing Words with Friends??? I need some more opponents! Jameil1922
10) Rashan reaches for me in his sleep. He pats in my general direction until he finds me, confirms I'm there, then goes back to sleep. How cute is that?!
11) Psst... I ate the last lemon bar...


Sparkling Red said...

1) No snow here but it was super-cold this morning, and sure enough today of all days I had to wait outside for 15 minutes for the bus. It almost never takes more than 5 minutes at that time of day.

2) Speaking of buses, that's the only time I run with a group: when me and at least one other person are running to catch a bus.

4) It's all the running. Your body must be craving fuel because you're burning so many calories. In fact I once knew a guy who gave up running because his food bills were getting too high! No word of a lie.

10) That is TOTALLY ADORABLE! :-)

K. Rock said...

2. Big group runs are the best.
3. Sorry you and your partner didnt work out. But it was probably for the best.
4. My motto is that for dessert, I want another entree.
6. Well go see them!
7. That should have been a post over on Record Dish. #fashions
8. I hope you get what you want!
9. Nope. I quit it. Kinda stopped being fun for me.
10.I do the same thing. I throw my leg over there just to make sure he is there. I luvs him...

gradydoctor said...

1. Southern cold is bootleg. "Clear the bread section and get you some milk!" bootleg. Yawn--I used to live in Cleveland for five years. Lake effect snow, okay?

2. You need to be in my neighborhood where massive packs of runners nearly get run over on a daily.

3. Break ups happen.

4. Must be nice to be under 30. . . .sigh. . .

5. The BHE got a juicer and is juice-crazy. Lime bars sound amazing!

6. They get harder to arrange the older you get!

7. That's. . . an interesting job.

8. Claiming it for you, love.

9. Confession: No idea what that is.

10. Ha! I do that to Harry!

11. Must be nice to be under 30 and able to eat sweets with reckless abandon. . . .

Ladynay said...

Your last 2 statements made me smile :)

I hearby demand you to go hang out with your besties! You been married for awhile now so they are over due for some Jameil time!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! 1 inch that doesn't stick will shut NC DOWN!!!!!! Don't play! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The Goddess said...

Oh how I've missed your blog. I need to get it together. Lol

Wow, you are doing great with your running. I need some of your drive to rub off on me. I'm such a slaker. UGH!

I prefer sweet over salty ALL the time. I could actually go for a sweet snack right now. Curses!!!! Oh, and you should make a keylime pie and post a pic so I can live vicariously through you. Lol

You are Rashan are still the CUTEST Couple.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I demand to be put on that missing friends list and you come to Boston! lol

Is breaking up with a running partner like breaking up with a boyfriend? Do you tell them what they did wrong and try to let them down easy?

Jameil said...

red... 1) brrrr! Canada scares me with its cold!
4) Fuel I get. I'm always hungrier when I work out. But sugar? Insanity.
10) :)))

k... 2) yes!
3) yep
4) lol! i like! at fancy restaurants and in homes I've had some AMAZING desserts. chains? dessert is utterly useless.
6) it isn't that simple. if it were, I'd already be there.
7) no pictorial evidence exists of this endeavor
8) thanks! i'm waiting on God!
9) booooo
10) :)))))

gd... I lived in Pittsburgh for 3 years. I do not need to live in that sort of cold and constant snow ever again. I'm from the south. I like southern versions of cold and snow even though they make my coat collection useless.
2) indeed!
3) yep. should've happened sooner.
4) lol
5) MMMM I should have done it!
6) aye! Then I need one even more!
7) LOL I know!
8) Thank you!
9) You don't know what WWF is??? :( Jameil wept.
10) :))))
11) LOL!

lady... LOL Marriage isn't what's keeping me from them. Those visits are expensive! The snow doesn't matter. We probably won't get snow again this year now.

tg... you really do need to keep in touch!! mmm key lime pie!!! MY FAVORITE!!! Thank you! :)) I do love him so!

sha... you got to make more time for your interweb friends!!! ROTFL @ BREAKING UP WITH A RUNNING PARTNER!! It is SO like that! There's a period where you know it's not right and yet you force it, too. LOL Such a mess!