Monday Mindspacing Vol. 130

1) I've decided I'm going to start finding fun free stuff for Rashan and I to do every week. We might not get to it all but at least we'll get to some. We chill at home a lot but I'm ready to go conquer the world together!

2) I'm going to stop trying to make fetch happen. I tried two different plans on my Bible app and neither one worked for me. I'm still trying to decide whether I'll use the Bible on my phone. I kind of like that. Even though it looks like I'm texting in church. LOL

3) I was in an AWFUL sleeping pattern for months. I would fall asleep around 11, wake up at 2 and not sleep again until between 8 and 10 in the morning at the worst and 5 and 6 a.m. at the best. I'd wake up at 3 p.m. and still not feel rested. I often woke up several times during the night and couldn't go back to sleep. Then I worked out five days last week and my body demanded rest. Even when I woke up I could GO BACK TO SLEEP!! This has been true for the last 4 days and I feel AMAZING! Now I just need to not wake up at 8 a.m. and life will be much better.

4) It must have been some GOOOOD sleep because I woke up with sore right ribs Friday morning and they haven't stopped aching yet. Do better, ribs.

5) I wish I still liked ribs. The food. Pork is almost dead to me. We're down to bacon and sausage. And when chicken sausage is cheaper, I buy that. But I don't believe in non-pork bacon. It is an abomination before God and man and should be banned from the earth. It was written...

6) I was supposed to make oatmeal butternut scotch cookies this weekend. Then our neighbor brought us delicious banana nut muffins. Desire gone! Oops... Maybe today.

7) I have turned a corner in this job application process after getting another rejection and realizing several things.
   A. I am amazingly blessed to be able to stay at home while I find a wonderful job for me. It took me too long to realize this but I'm holding on to it while I have it.
   B. I am in a season of preparation. I must use my time wisely. I know I'm meant to learn and grow from this experience. Look at me getting all zen on you.

8) I really try to keep in touch with my grandma more but she's so depressing and/or negative some days that it can really be hard to talk to her.

9) Speaking of negativity, my twitter and facebook timelines are doing the most. Facebook is about 10 minutes from going the way of MySpace. I'm not willing to give it up completely yet but I interact on there less and less. I'm basically down to food and running. I stopped regularly posting pics unrelated to those two things months ago.

10) I'm about to completely dump my running group. Ironically, because it's not meshing with my running goals. That's so beyond not the point, right?? Crazy.


K. Rock said...

1.Sounds like a great plan. Get out and do something while you still can.
3. That workout works like a charm. Problem comes in when you work out but still want to stay up til midnight. Probably the reason I am so feeble now.
4. You fighting in your sleep? Sore ribs? Never suffered from sleep-related injuries.
5. It is not written...
7. Not actually HAVING to find a job really is something special. Glad you appreciate it now.
8. Negativity be gone! (But not your actual grandma.)
9. Yeah it is a little slow over there. I visit regularly but dont say much cuz I say it all on Twittah.
10. Oh no. You cant work them in some kinda way?

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

*tosses huge boulders at you* Pork bacon is disgusting! TURKEY!TURKEY!TURKEY! I've noticed you interacting less on FB, I agree with you..

Not so Anonymous said...

The same thing was happening with the Dallas run group, and I had to step away. I got tired of showing up and no one was there or it was just beginners, which meant I couldn't run my intended mileage. Now there are other additional run leads, so I just participate and runs instead of lead them. Yay!

Those cookies sound interesting...not yummy, just interesting, lol.

I agree with you on fb, but for some reason I can't give it up...why. It's such a ghetto mess 83% of the time...sigh.

Jelisa | Blogging Ever After said...

You're sleeping a lot like Zavier, lol. It's awful! Glad you were able to break that by working out!

Trish said...

1. I'm making a solid effort to spend less this year. Finding free entertainment sounds great!

3. I loathe choppy sleep. The neighbor's work schedule always interrupts my sleep.

5. I looooooooove ribs! I wonder if the extra o's let you know just how serious I am. The only downfall is that pork gives me nightmares, you'd think I'd leave it alone but....

7. Your patience and positive thinking will get you the job that is perfect for you!

8. My grandfather is the same way. At Christmas he said he heard I was "jumping the broom". I told him that was off. His next question was well where is your ugly boyfriend??

9. I feel the same way about Facebook. I couldn't imagine being real friends with most of the people on my "friend list."

gradydoctor said...

1. Free = For me (and my family.)

2. The BHE has banned bible-apping in church because of what you said -- looks too much like texting. Dang.

3. Do you have a television, ipad, or laptop in your room? Do you ever touch them when you can't sleep? Best things for sleep: No stimulation or light sources, avoiding things that reward you for being up (like balancing a checkbook, updating a resume, etc.), keeping your room dark (eye masks = the truth), and exercise (what you're doing already!) Don't tell your husband I said it but just maybe doing the "grown folk" can aid in sleep, too.

4. Sore ribs? The nerdy doctor in me is thinking of things. ..

5. I don't like the word pork. It just sounds wrong.

6. Yum.

7. We will remember your story when we see your glory. Keep pushin', ma.

8. My granny hazes me everytime I call her. For not calling her.

9. I have never been on Facebook ever. Crazy considering how social I am. I slightly think it's the devil. Ha. Seriously though, I find it bizarrely intrusive. Weird seeing someone that hasn't seen you in a decade but who interacts with you like they have. Weird if you ask me. Meh. I guess it's a good tool for people connecting.(It's just that some folks connect too much.) Mm hmm.

10. Make a new group! :)

Okay. Why is this the LONGEST comment I have ever left in my entire life? (But the other commenters inspired me.)

Jameil said...

k... 1) LOL That sounds so ominous!
3) It was the best ever! and yes, I'm nodding off before 11. so sad! lol
4) so nuts! but also not my first sleep-related injury. Remember the sore toes? It was like I was on pointe in my sleep! And if I sleep with my ears folded, they hurt, too! I see I need to sleep on my back or not at all! Dangerous!
7) Very very special.
8) Lol. Right.
9) Slow, boring, weird, annoying.
10) Don't wanna anymore.


nsa... I wouldn't mind leading once a week but man! It would be so nice to have some breaks! The cookies were GREAT! 83% of the time. LOL So true.

jelisa... ME TOO! I realized I was sleeping like a new mom but not like a baby. I really must do better!

trish... 1) yes!
3) gross. I hate being privy to my neighbors' behavior.
5) WHAT?! I admit I wouldn't give it up either though if that's all it was. Also... LOL!!
7) :)))
8) Grandpa!! Do better!!
9) When I find someone I don't WANT to say happy birthday to I realize we don't need to be friends.

gd... 1) woot!
2) LOL I really shouldn't do it since I"m trying to find a church, huh? Everyone will be like, "Look at that lil young heffa."
3) It was my brain that I couldn't get to shut off thinking about finding a job. It was hard to fall asleep with that thing going. Hard to go back to sleep when I woke up with that thing going. LOL @ the grown folk!
4) I sleep all KINDS of crazy ways.
5) LOL! What??? Do you prefer pig or swine?
6) they were great!
7) :)
8) LOL She'll say slick stuff about that, too but my irregular calls beat my sister's never calls hands down so I don't get it too much.
9) I actually make a lot of plans via fb which is what's keeping me from stepping completely away. It is SUPER weird not having contact w/people for over a decade then suddenly knowing way too much about them. Weirder when you mutually lurk and say nothing.
10) That could very well happen or I might stick to just me and the current partner. We'll see!
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