Monday Mindspacing Vol. 129

1) I don't like Project Accessory. Molly Sims has no more credibility than any other person who wears accessories and I never understand what the judges are talking about when they like something. I almost never like what they like. But I can't stop watching it now that I've started. UGH!! I like some of the things they do and seeing the creation process but in general, the show annoys me. I'll finish out the season and be shocked if it lasts.
2) Speaking of shows, we've stopped watching Grimm and Person of Interest. It was the same thing every week with no overall story line progression.
3) December 26th is usually my least favorite day of the year after August 24th (day after my birthday). Christmas was so low-key this year, I was okay.
4) Did you know you can freeze store-bought egg nog? I'M ON IT!!!
5) My mom got her Christmas fish fry after all at my cousin's house for brunch. That fish was amazing! So delicious! I will allow Christmas brunch fish fries henceforth. But someone else has to cook it.
6) You know how I don't like mail addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Rashan last name? But I do like being called Mrs. Last Name. Mostly because it cracks me up! Who me???? LOL
7) I played 'spangles' clearing my tiles on triple word and double word for 161 points the other day!! It still makes me smile!!!
8) It's hilarious to me that the same people who will talk trash about Steve Harvey and Hill Harper dole out daily relationship advice. And I've yet to hear tale of their own successful relationships. Maaaaan look. By hilarious I mean annoying. Stop talking.
9) I had a colossal failure in the kitchen yesterday. Like no salvaging it, straight to the trash failure. WOW. First time in a long, LONG time that's happened. Years.
10) I ran 4 miles for the first time Sunday and it was amazing!! Not in the sense that it felt great because parts of it were torturous but amazing in that I knew I could do it and I did!
11) Remember I mentioned creating a food writing course? I'm reading "Will Write for Food" and it's AWESOME in the first 20 pages!
12) You know what January means, don't you? New goals!!!! I can't wait to share them with you! :)


Anonymous said...

2. I thought the same thing about Persons of Interest, until the episode where they mixed it up, and introduced the Elias character. After that, things have been much better and a bit less predictable.

5. HA! I know that fish fry was a GREAT idea.

9. Damn. Hate that. Reminds me of my banana bread with red pepper.

Trish said...

3. Christmas was super relaxed. In fact, I caught a bit of a tude with my mom for deciding to have Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve instead.

6. HAHAHA! That's hilarious.

9. I had an epic failure with some rice the other week, I was irritated with myself.

10. Can I run just one?!! Nbr and I went to the park yesterday and walked that track.

Anonymous said...

4. I wish I had known sooner. Love me some egg nog!

5. I glory in all the cooks' efforts to have a dinner for a big group. I did a small dinner gathering on 12/24. It turned out really good.

7. Are you playing WWF or WordFeud? Send me an email and I'll play WordFeud with you. I have an announcement about my WF coming your way.

8. Walk the walk or get out of the way!

10. I'm getting ready to run and hope I can make a good report about my successes. You are my shero in that area.

Happy New Year!

Sparkling Red said...

2) I find that a lot of shows go over the same territory again and again. I like to see character development. If the characters seem to be puppets doing whatever the writers feel is necessary to keep the plot juicy, rather than "real" people reacting to their lives, I lose interest fast.

9) What happened? I'm quite curious about this spectacular failure.

Mrs Count said...

1. I watched once. That was more than enough
5. Yummmm!
9. I have about one failure a year. What a waste of perfectly good groceries
10. Wow! Go Jameil!

Nerd Girl said...

1. I didn't watch it. The previews irritated me.
5. Team fish fry!
7. I do a dance of joy when I score major points like that. Most of the time I score them accidentally...
8. No comment.
11. Sounds interesting!

Jameil said...

mrstdj... 2. Ah well. Once you lose me, I'm almost impossible to get back.
5. LOL Hush!
9. I hate it, too!!

trish... 3) LOL Mom fail!
6) lol
9) sigh. it's so frustrating!
10) yes you can!

mamasez... 4) my bad. i was def. supposed to post this before Christmas!
5) Yay! I like cooking for crowds only when I can control everything.
7) WWF yes!
8) Amen!
10) Woohooo!!!
Happy New Year!

red... 2) that is the perfect description for how i feel!!!
9) I "overbrowned" (burned) meat I'd been cooking for hours when I fell asleep and all the liquid cooked out unbeknownst to me. Complete and utter fail.

mrs.c... 1) ugh
5) lol
9) seriously!!
10) :)

ng... 1) ugh! why couldn't i have been this smart???
5) lol
7) lol mine are quite calculated!
8) umm... ok
11) i love it!

Not so Anonymous said...

1. I've been under a rock...what is that??
2. yeah, haven't heard of that either..terrible.
3. I wish it were still the days between Dec 22 - Jan 1. Why do the holidays leave us...why?
4. Barf.

Jameil said...

1) A show where designers create accessories in weekly challenges. Tis bad.
2) "That" is actually 2 shows. Do better!
3) *wails*