2012 Goals

You guys know I LOVE goals! I live a much more ordered life when I'm setting and achieving goals! This year I turn 30!!! Wow! I remember when 30 seemed old. LOL It's so funny how your perspective changes. I've put my goals into categories to make them a little more manageable.

  1. Try some old recipes again. I cook several times a week. Almost always new recipes. Sometimes even when I'm making a sandwich. I need some standbys. I'm going to try to find some this year.
  2. Re-vamp my food blog. The Record Dish is so far from where it started for me that it might be time to move. Get a fresh start.
  1. Run 750 miles, a 10k and a half marathon. That's about 14.5 miles every week. At the beginning I won't be there (this week will have about 9) but at the end I'll be beyond that... sometimes in a single run. WOW! I'm so excited about where I'll be this time next year!
  2. Work out 3-5 times every week. Already on number 4 this week today!
Life & Career
  1. Read 45 books. Since I'll be working a lot more this year than last year (claiming it), I'm only upping this goal to 45. I read 50 last year. I'll be cramming as many books as possible into the first half of the year. Now reading 3 books.
  2. Make a real effort to find a church. I didn't attend a single one locally in 2011. Wow. I know my spiritual growth is stagnating without a church.
  3. Use my time more wisely. That means creating a plan for my days and executing it. I have to have a plan and deadlines to get films created, books read and syllabi written.
  4. Buy a camera and a new desktop computer. If I'm going to make more documentaries, I need the equipment to move it on forward!
  5. Complete my professional website. Domain name purchased, waiting on the design.
  6. Change my name. I've made a decision and I'm ready.
  7. Volunteer. I've always wanted to be a baby cuddler at a hospital.
  8. Complete at least 10 more 30 before 30 goals. I've done 11 so that will bring me to at least 22. I've had to revise my list to more accurately reflect my current lifestyle. Most of those goals aren't gone forever, though! Look for them on either 35 before 35 or 40 before 40. (LOL)
Career & Money
  1. Budget our spending to make room for more things we like to do. And of course, we need to build our savings.
  2. Save $1,500 on our grocery bill this year. We were at about $900 w/o even really trying the first 7 months of the year! Part of this savings will require me not wasting money on food that doesn't get eaten. I really hate that.
  3. Get a magnificent job. I'm not sure if this will be filmmaking, teaching, a combination or something I haven't even imagined but I'm getting myself mentally ready for the next step.
  4. Watch more documentaries. I didn't have nearly enough in my film diet. So far this year, almost half of the films I've watched were docs. I think that's a good ratio. And of course I wouldn't mind even more of a tilt toward the doc side.
  5. Make more documentaries. I need to crank out some new things.
  6. Attend at least 2 film festivals. I LOVE film festivals and I've only been to one! This is part of my version of attending professional conferences and I'm ready to get back out there!


1969 said...

I love it. I am a huge list maker too. Best of luck on the running goals.

Jazzy said...

Melly Mellllll! I always love reading your goals and your progress! Like 1969, I'm a big list maker myself. You also give me ideas.

Happy New Year!

Trish said...

Great goals! I like the volunteer baby holder and the recipes the best. OHH and I like the one about working out. How do you force yourself to go?? There was once a time in my life where I used to be so disciplined, but I find that the older I get, the harder it becomes....

I have a couple of goals that I've set as well, mainly to do better with money. Last year I made some terrible financial choices but Nbr and I are actively working on budgeting.

I also have some classes that I want to take outside of my Masters program that will make me happy in my personal life and hopefully increase my finances as well.

Mrs Count said...

Great goals!

Jameil said...

1969... Thanks! Only the fitness ones? LOL

jazzy... thanks! i love writing about it and even more, DOING IT! i'd love to see your list!

trish... thanks! I only have to force myself semi-regularly in the beginning. Once you get going and start to see results (food is huge) in a few weeks, it becomes a lot easier because you want to see even more results. There are definitely days I don't want to go but that's where my running partner comes in. I don't want her to have to be out there alone so I go. I would love to take some fun classes!

Mrs.C Thanks!

Not so Anonymous said...

I love your goals! I should have added a specific number of books on my goals list...well, that can be a side goal. I really fell off on reading last year...I probably read 15 books...sad, sad thing.

I'm so excited about your career. I can just sense that you are going to do fantastic things with your creativity.