Thursday 13: More Me

I know that's just what you were hoping for so that's what you get! Lucky you!!!

1) I don't like grilled cheese. Mostly due to the Kraft singles which taste like plastic to me. REAL CHEESE PLEASE!! I don't even want those singles on a burger. Cheese toast is even worse. My mom made it one morning and I threw up and I've never eaten it again. And never will. I do, however, like grilled ham and cheese. Again, with real cheese of almost any kind.
2) Speaking of which, I love cheese. Oh cheese! Swiss, cheddar, monterrey jack, not so much on the American, yes on provolone, bleu, feta, mozzarella, fontina, gouda, havarti. I know I'm missing some. I like cheese with herbs and without. Cheese is the business!
3) I also don't like PB&J. The gasps are reverberating around the interweb. I like jelly, I like peanut butter, I don't like them together. I'll eat jelly on toast. I'll eat toast with peanut butter. I'll eat a peanut butter sandwich. PB&J? No. I used to go through phases where for 3 months I wouldn't like it, then I'd like it for 9 days or something peculiar like that, then not again for 6 months.
4) My sister played a big part in my aversion to film prior to my current immersion. She used to watch one movie every single time she had control of the TV and VCR for a month. The Wiz, The Wizard of Oz, Annie and Sound of Music were all a part of her obsession rotation, but only one at a time. There was no switching up. DROVE ME UP A WALL!!
5) I love clouds. My mom says I've always been fascinated in them and pointed out different shapes among the puffs and wisps in the sky. I even remember some of the names as we learned them in 2nd grade (cirrus (look like a horse's tail), cumulonimbus (the big fluffy ones), stratus).
6) I like trash cans. No, not like dumpsters and the garbage cans you see around cities and in public bathrooms. Those disgust me. I can't explain this one other than I think they add to the overall aesthetic of a room. My current trash can does not match my decor but serves its purpose. When I hit the lottery (which would require me to play... and I don't), I will get rid of it and get a fancy, art deco-esque can. In kitchens I like the stainless steel ones. Those are hot. The flip side of this is I would feel crazy paying $50 for something to put raw chicken packets and rotten spinach.
7) I'm trying to figure out a way to eat an entire loaf of bread while living alone. I haven't been able to manage it once. I don't like bread enough. Who knows a way to buy bread that would require less than an entire loaf OR a few buns or rolls at a time? I guess I could go to a bakery. But how cost-prohibitive would that be? Remember I'm a poor graduate student on a budget.
8) I catch flies and kill them. You're in my space? You're dead. You shouldn't have flown in here. Now is not the time for me to become captain save-a-fly. It's quite country and hickish when you see it and kind of embarrassing when I lose myself and catch a fly in front of someone who sees me as genteel and ladylike. It's so non-sequitur! Ah well. New mantra: the fly must die. Love it.
9) I don't iron. I seem to always date these men who iron everything they put on their bodies. Sometimes it inspires me. Most of the time it exasperates me because it adds hours to the time it takes to get out the house. That's not to say that I ever leave the house looking crazy wrinkled. I don't ordinarily buy things that need an iron. If I must iron, once I get started, I find it therapeutic in some odd way. That can lead to me ironing multiple things which I may not even wear for weeks.
10) I rarely take more than 20 minutes to get ready. That's shower, lotion, clothing and of course selecting clothing is often the longest part for me. Even going to class is a pain in my neck because I want to be careful about my image. How responsible. Especially when some people wear hole-filled shirts, mismatched socks, etc. etc. Wear what you want but that doesn't mean I'm not perplexed by it.
11) I always believe I'm going to win. Everything. When there's a drawing or some sort of contest and I don't win, I'm always shocked. That's odd. Because I'm not like Stace where I can just hear a phone number, call in, win something on the radio and find out later what it is. Or enter one of those contests in the mall and win 2 trips to the Bahamas in 2 weeks. Yes those things have really happened to her. For me, I enter stuff all the time and never win.
12) If I had a super hero power I would choose to be able to hear people's thoughts. But I would want to be able to turn it off. I don't need to know all your nasty, perverted secrets.
13) Sometimes I feel bad when I get free music. I feel like I should support the artist so they can stay around. So I try to do that when I can. But if there's free music... who am I to turn it down? Crazy, that's who.


shani-o said...

Re: your bread dilemma. I buy whole wheat English muffins. You get six in a pack. I keep em in the fridge and eat maybe 3-4 a week. They're great with butter, brown sugar and coconut oil, or peanut butter. And because they stay in the fridge, they last a couple of weeks.

Plus, no high fructose corn syrup!

Open Grove Claudia said...

We freeze bread and take out what we use.

Hey, I didn't see Brie on your cheese list. Brie is my favorite - especially warm or with overripe fruit (lately nectarines!)

Sha Boogie said...

I killed the biggest fly known to man yesterday! Ok, that might not be true, but it was big as all get out. And I felt like superwoman. Killer of all flies!

Los Angelista said...

I'm a bread freezer just like Claudia. My mom did it and I do it too. I can't do fake cheese at all. It's not cheese, it's chemicals!

We are so alike with the ironing and not taking more than 20 minutes. The wash-n-go hair is slowing down my gettin' ready speed though. I may have to go back to straw sets.

Vdizzle said...

You should check out a Target. You may find a cute cheap garbage can. My sister has this medium super dark purple one that was $9.99

Opinionated Diva said...

1 - grilled swiss dipped in my tomatoe soup is delish!

3 - Yes I literally gasped...you're weird! *side eye* You just haven't a good one!

4 - yeah...I'm having issues with the baby sis over that one too! lol

12 - LOL...you so nosy, but I wouldn't mind knowing too. I want mind control capabilities!

13 - yeah sometimes I feel bad too...but yeah...doesnt stop me.

Opinionated Diva said...

oops *tomato

Rashan Jamal said...

I love grilled cheese.. Velveeta is the best!!!

3. Dont nobody care if you don't like PBJ, ain't nobody gasping. LOL

7. Like everyone else said freeze the bread.. or baby sit some kids they'll suck up that bread for you.

8. You and them flies... it's so hilarious to see il fabulousa catching flies..

9. I got to iron. You wouldn't be seen with me if I was extra wrinkled.

okay, that's enough...

SimplEnigma said...

It's been EONS. How are you? How's life? I have soooo much to catch up on.

#1 and #2: Go to Brazil. There's cheese on EVERYTHING. They even have roasted cheese, which they serve on a stick (like icicles) with oregano. There was only two meals I had there that didn't have cheese.

#7: Invite me over. I can eat a loaf of bread in two days. I actually have. LOL.

#9 and 10: Me too. High maintenance men are a drag.

the joy said...

Man! Why do people never understand that its not necessary to iron? I hate ironing! I'll throw something in the dryer with a damp towel before I iron.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i HATE pb&j! i will never ever in life eat that again. i had one every single day for lunch in the 3rd grade and it was just super barftastically overkill. plus, as an adult, i don't really enjoy texture mixing. gelatinous with thick and creamy = GROSS! i don't do pie & ice cream and stuff like that either

cheese is the business! it makes everything better

i never win anything...but i keep hope alive and enter any and all cotests that i can

Momisodes said...

I'd be scared to hear what people think. I sat through group therapy in a psych ward while in nursing school, and that was enough for me. Ignorance is bliss! :)

No PB&J? Do you like cream cheese? My fav is cream cheese with strawberry jam.

Do you put your load of bread in the fridge?

La said...

If all I could eat for the rest of this month was a different variety of grilled cheese sandwhiches, I would be a happy camper. You're crazy! Grilled cheese (and tomato soup like Diva said) is the official sponsor of my childhood! lol

Day Dreamer said...

your blog is hilarious.


*stratch, stratch ... where's the next addiction at?*

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - Kraft is REAL Cheese - lol!

Adei von K said...

Yo, that bahamas thing was CRAZY! But the shoes, stepshows, restaurant gift cards, movie premiers, concerts, cds, posters, and club vip passes are the standard now. We can use some money now, right?