Project Runway Recap!

This is one giant spoiler after another. You shouldn't read past the first paragraph if you don't want it ruined. Rashan taped every episode I haven't seen and brought them all to me with a tv and a VCR! Ow! How awesome is he? VERY! And this show? Fabulosity! Me? Excitementnessocity! I can't wait!!!!

The presidential at the Westin in Times Square? That has to be like 5k a night. Moet on the house. Lol. I can't believe Jerell's gone! I actually liked his wedding dress. It intrigued me. I loved the bodice. LMAO @ going for that alien-looking girl. HILARITY!! Kenley. you're being annoying. Oh there's the ANTM girl. Naima. I never liked her. She was so boring to me. I think that was the last ANTM season I watched from top to bottom. The rop strangles the organic nature of what's happening here. Hilarity. The rope is ridiculous, Kenley. Just like your attitude. your wedding dress is gorg, Kenley but you are super annoying. The knockoff angle is what it is. As much as I can't stand that phrase. Korto should take some stuff off the the wedding dress. Edit some stuff honey. Don't be crazy. Hardheaded is bad. Stop it.

I love Leanne's waves. You know I'm a fiend for the ocean anyway. You don't need pants. Tim says you should but ehhh. I know he knows more than me but I love the stuff you have so far as much as your personality bores me to death. I'm deadly bored. I'm bored and I'm dead. Kenley's stank attitude is soooo annoying. Korto is making two new looks??? WOW!! and 3 women in the finale? Hot. But it broke my little heart to have Jerell leave. Rah says I'm wrong for blogging runway but since this is the season finale and apparently the last one on Bravo, *TEAR!*, PR will never be the same. It's so necessary. I've seen every competition episode from Season 1, Episode 1. J'adore this show. J'ADORE!! Thanks Kenley for your "if they're not impeccably made you're out" comment. We didn't know that without that little bit. Dummy. I like that Kenley painted her fabrics. I don't like most of WHAT she painted.

1 day until the runway show! Ow! I am me and I can't wait. Here I'm is. I can't wait. Wait I can't. Wait I won't. I like the cute little Asian hairdresser on the show. I think they hate being called that. Kenley stop it with the faces. Korto, love the diagonal strap on the new outfit. The model bringing her dog to a fitting with all of their collections!??!? Unacceptable!! And it "dropped a load" to quote Korto.

Y'all betta work. I can't imagine walking into that tent for the first time. It must be awesome. Kenley, for real? No one touches your stuff?? Glad Blaynelicious didn't make it. But love your face. That phfrase is hilarity. I love eyelash extensions. The feathers and colors and everything else. Why is model Tia crying? What is her problem? I don' like that pink dress Kenley has Topacio in. And that name is crazy. In case you were wondering. Love the green in Korto's connection. Kenley's feathers are so me. They really really do it for me. But despite myself I like Leanne's the best... wow... so odd.

Here we go! Heidi on the runway! Yay! What does Jennifer Lopez' foot injury have to do with her not being a guest judge? You just sit in a chair. Tim Gunn's the guest judge? As much as I love him, that's boring. yeah Kenley you should've improved your attitude. Chris March! I didn't Michael Knight in the audience. You know I want see him. Like Rah said, you couldn't just pluck some other famous person out of the crowd? Kenley first. Outfit one is whatever for me. 80s. Outfit 2, worse. Puff sleeves. Outfit 3, yuck. Outfit 4, bridesmaid dress. Pretty. The next, yes with the big black skirt. LBD ehh. Not terribly innovative IMO. The dress with the diagonal painted flowers i kinda like. I don't like the collar. The painted dress with poofy sleeves yuck. The huge collar and black skirt absolutely. Wedding dress pretty tho they said it looks like Alexander McQueen. I'm not a big follower of his so I wouldn't know.

Next up, Korto. My girl tho her wedding dress definitely needed more editing. And she dedicated it to her daughter. Adorable. "Enjoy it, Don't I like hot?" Love. Hilarity. Look 1. Yes. Look 2, yes again esp the low v back. The 3rd ehhh but I like the necklace. The white suit, yes yes yes!!! Dress 3, I like, too. Love the African dresses. Yes again on the next one. Love the green short dress, too. The white with the trim, indeed. The yellow cutie with diagonal stripe, yes. The green long with the high slit? Gorg. Love the greens and yellow and tan and white. Adore her color story.

Now Leanne. Little boring Leanne Let's see kiddo. Look one love the skirt, not the top so much. Look 2 yes on the whole thing. Love these shapes. Look 3 no on the top, nice pants. Look 3 again not the top again. Look 4 I like a lot, not necessarily the belt. Ehh on the next one. Yes on the next. The dress here I like a lot. The long flowy one gorg esp. on the model's dark skin. I love all her black models. The wedding dress is gorg. And has pockets, too which I don't always like but definitely do here. Actually i usually like pockets on dresses. Jillian liked Kenley? Yuck. *Side note: Top Chef needs a good BLACK woman chef. Ridiculous that there hasn't been one yet.

I don't think Korto's pieces were overworked. I love over the top. I know that shocks you. Their love of Leanne is a bit much for me. I love that she doesn't cry, though. Wipe those tears. Still rootin for Korto. If they pick Kenley I'm jumping off of a bridge. Too bad I've yet to see anything other than an overpass here. Too much flat space to need a bridge and not enough water. Hmm. I refuse to go back to Pittsburgh to kill myself (or pretend to). My life is safe. She's out. 3rd place. You have no idea what's going on in the fashion world which is a problem. The winner... I knew it. So close again. When will be ever have a black designer win? BAH!!!


1969 said...

See, I love Korto's collection. For me, it's the collection I would actually wear. However, I did think Leanne's was the most innovative and diferent. Her details were amazing. Besides, the winners never do well. TEAM KORTO. She will benefit from all of this exposure.

Just Me said...

I would have joined you on the bridge if Kenley would have won:) She annoyed me the whole season but it is TV and they needed someone like that. My 8 year old daughter even said the rope looked like it was choking the model and she hasn't been watching this season enough to hear the comments about it :) I wanted Korto to win. I really liked her collection. Leanne's was nice too but just too much of the wave theme for me.

Monie said...

I absolutely LOVE your PR posts! LOL They are hilarious!

Rah gets super duper points for taping the show and all that. Go 'head Rah!

Vdizzle said...

I'm not big on Project Runway, but Rashan does get super duper boyfriend points for that!!

Desy said...

K's colors are BRILLIANT and I love the way she designs.

I did feel that the concept Leanne came up with was BEAUUUUUTIFUL; HOWEVER, i agreed that an ENTIRE collection of that one concept was a bit much.

In regards to Kenley....yep; that about wraps it up...

Open Grove Claudia said...

Thanks so much for doing this. I can watch TV through your eyes. I've seen the show on TV when I've been in hotels or whatever.

I think it's wonderful that your manfriend taped these for you -- dare I say he's a keeper??

the joy said...

The painted diagonal flowers is kind of how I want my weddin dress, only just one color, not 1000. Could you imagine the patience of painting fabric?

Girl I woulda hurt her if her dog decided to pee on some stuff. That's not cute!

I'm glad leanne won, but she as a person is boring. The other 2 weren't cohesive though. Korto had a lot going on and kenley was just a jerk.

Los Angelista said...

I'm still mad that Korto didn't win. That white pantsuit was FIRE! Leanne's was pretty but I couldn't see myself wearing most of her stuff. AND thank you, God for booting Kenley first. If she'd won I probably would've started throwing stuff!

SimplEnigma said...

I think they're trying to sabotage WE...If they piss enough of the fans off, more people won't watch it when it moves networks, and they'll be forced to move back to Bravo.

I looked at the blogs and the majority of people thought Korto should've won. I'm definitely with Team Korto...