As you know, Stace's "P" isn't working on her phone. Whilst we were i'm-ing the other day, I took a long moment to make fun of her for it. I redacted some details to cut down on drama and Protect the guildy. Lolol. You'll get the title of the post by the end, though. Pwahahaha
must bring you to my aradigm
daaaaah, one of my keys isn't working
me: i guess
obviously the p
Stace: so annoying
me: pannoying?
don't panic
Stace: omg, i can't even...
you're wack
me: pause
Stace: i hate you
me: you luuuuurve me
2:16 PM 
you pander to me
Stace: i can't even tye sarah alin!!!
me: but don't patronize me
Stace: daaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
me: pray abt it
Stace: LMAO!!!!!!
me: calm your palpitations
Stace: that one was good!!!
me: lol
2:20 PM 
me: hahaha
me: pish tosh!
Stace: and you know you osted those ictures....
me: i didn't POST the PICTURES...
Stacey: you're a donkey and you know what word i REALLY wanted to use...
me: (blah blah blah *redacted*) the present
you wanted to call yourself a prostitute?
Stace: ...
2:22 PM 
me: where is that poem??
Stace: why couldn't 'q' or 'x' be broken??
me: i can't find it!
maybe you don't punch it as much
me: i'd like a panini, you?
2:23 PM 
Stace: you're wack
me: hhaahahahaha
this is soooo funny!
aren't you proud?
Stace: you're a itch
me: couldn't use the p again?
2:24 PM 
pitch a ball?
pitcher of water?
Stace: no, my b works
i wanted you to do the math
me: pouch.
that hurt
Stace: b +
woo hoo!!!
me: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
2:25 PM 
Stace: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: hahahahaha i'm in the library DYING!!
Stace: word? shhhhh! this is a library!!!!!!!!!
me: i'm doing the silent almost falling out of the chair laughter
it's hilarious

2:26 PM 
Stace: what is she trying to do?!?!?
me: one was while he was headed here, the other on sunday
Stace: she's lost her mind

me: like create Problems
Stace: ummmm, that's so old now
me: make a toPic of convo
or prove...
Stace: as you can see, i can have healthy convos without that letter
2:27 PM 
me: possibly
Stace: should... next time
me: but probably not

2:30 PM 
Stace: rayer.... CEASE and DESIST with the lies!!!
2:31 PM 
me: hahahahaha

2:32 PM 
Stace: hanging head. are you done?



shani-o said...

You're the worst! I'd be sooooo mad if I were Stace, lol.

Rashan Jamal said...

Your quiPs are Positively Priceless. I hoPe you Proactively keeP uP the Profound jokes. Peace!


1969 said...

Why is this so Particularly Perfect? aPPlause

Adei von K said...


word rah?? that's how we get down now? you show out now? in front of millions?

and 1969... i don't even know you :-(


shani, she is the worst. i'll trade you for whatever you want to get rid of.

and as for you jameil.... I'm bringing her next time!!

the joy said...

ima beg her to bootleg a p may an l and a c? no...... she'll figure it out she's a teacher.

you two are nuts.

Desy said...

hahaha! that convo was Priceless to say the least... kinda reminds me a bit of how me and roxy converse... too funny

Pro said...

what exactly is the Punchline?
get it? the last Part of a funny story (or joke) that delivers the meaning and the bulk of the humor. i mean, is there a Punchline without the 'p'? Pun intended. in Stace's case that wood be Fun intended.

lmao (oops, i mean lol; no cursing;).

Pro said...

P.s. ... (laughing the kind of quiet library laugh!) originally i thought this was going to be a post about P-Diddy or something. actually it kind of was. diddy means tiny; however, Stace's case, missing a letter (p) Proved to be a big thing in the grand scheme of IM'ing. lol

Vdizzle said...

I feel your pain Stace. My O is about to die. I have to put my entire freakin body weight on it!

Duck said...

You cold, man. Just cold. Lol!

jameil1922 said...

shani... why? lol.

rj... danke dahling! lolol

1969... lolol. merci!

adei... lololol. are you mahd? don't be mahd! bring her. you guys can get a hotel room to add to the bonding on the drive there and back. it'll be awesome. stace 2.0 in effect!

joy... right? lolol.

desy... lolol.

pro... WHERE YOU BEEN??? lol. you are just as bad as me.

v... hahahahahahaha. i'm just thinking of your giant self leaning into that o. HILARITY!!

duck... hahahahaha. she was complaining about that s. fla heat! i was trying to help her out!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Oh my. that's hilarious!

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL!!!! Oh...my little virgo friend...the "p" thing was funny but that last part (you know which one)...had me giggling uncontrollably! LOL.

jameil1922 said...

claud... lolol. i still crack up over it!

diva... lolol. act right!