Too Anti-Social For the Gym

Sigh. I think that's me. Even before I had a boyfriend, I hated being stalked at the gym. I've never really had to workout to maintain my weight, but these night hours are killing my diet (I don't mean diet in the sense of 2 crackers, 3 carrots and a lettuce leaf. I mean diet as in what you eat.) and my cute shape. I wake up in the middle of the night (945pm, 1145pm or 245am, depending on what time I have to be there), grab some fast food, eat out of the machines and sit down for 9 to 12 hours a day. See what I mean? I'm not overweight, but I know I've picked up a couple of pounds. I also know I have to eat better.

But perhaps I should go back a little. I hate running. Hate it. Even if I'm being chased, instead of being caught, I'll just give up because I know there's no way in hell I can run faster than you. I gave up sports after softball from ages 6 to 9 because my younger sister was better than me. We also took gymnastics, not on the Ashli level, but little kid stuff like forward rolls and walking across the balance beam. She was better than me at that, too. We also took tap, jazz and ballet, again better than me, but I liked it so I didn't really mind as much. I was the first person in our class to do a toe stand so I was very excited about that! :D I tried to show you a pic but everything came up but a tap toe stand. Its the move where you stand on your toes in your tap shoes.

Anyway sophomore year at Hampton, the student center opened, with a gym inside. My friends and I decided we would start working out. At first I rebelled, but then kind of started to like it. I fell in love with the elliptical machines. I also loved my hap ki do class taught by a set of twins. So fun. Sometimes I would even let CC drag me to the track. But like I said, I hate running. And she would make fun of how I run. Hater.

Anytime we'd go to the gym outside of my normal 7pm time, some jerk of a guy would come up to one or several of us and ask if we needed some help with the equipment. Mind you, these weren't the regulars because we all had a head nod relationship. We actually would wave and say hi outside of the gym even though we didn't know each others' names. No, the regulars know you don't need any help. It was these losers who were trying to get back in shape for something and wanted to show off. ACTUALLY I'm in here far more than you, so maybe I can help YOU out with something. OOOOOOOOOOOOH!

Yesterday, I went to work out. Everything was cool. I'm on my elliptical, of course guys are looking, no biggie. But this one guy makes eye contact for 1/2 a second, then decides he will stare me down until I speak to him. After I got off the elliptical, I went upstairs to the indoor track to do a couple of laps and stretch. Do you know when I was coming down the steps, this negro stopped at the bottom and stared at me?!?!?! What are you doing?! Can I work out w/o being accosted?! Is that so much to ask? Ridiculous. The bf was like, but you're pretty and the gym is like a club, you go to meet people. It's to be expected. Oh hell no. I don't EXPECT to be bothered while I'm working out!!!

Today I went and I'm already getting a little bored with my workout. I still haven't heard from this alleged personal trainer I'm supposed to get a free session with for signing up. I wish Madam were here and that she would hurry up and finish her new blog!!! Lolol. I thought that as I was working out today. Bally's does NOT want to get on my list because I WILL call a manager and send a note to corporate and whatever other thing I need to do to let them know I'm not happy with the service I'm paying for!!

You know how I have notoriously bad food service right? Well after one trip to Mad Mex, I filled out the comment card and got a free meal coupon. Did the same with Wendy's and got two. All I'm asking is for you to perform the service I'm paying you to do! Is that so hard? I don't think so but maybe I'm crazy.

On today's gym trip I saw the woman I want to be when I grow up. Beautiful black woman with the smoothest skin. She could be anywhere from 33 to 53. I had no clue what age she was. That's hot. I also saw a girl who could be my workout partner. I need one if I'm going to keep working out. This going by myself and having to beat the dudes off with a stick is no fun. I know that sounded incredibly vain but if you're a woman and have ever been to the gym, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Bally's needs to step its game up. I've now been to the gym 3xs this week... aren't you proud? :D


Anonymous said...

Persevere, Girl.

Onward and forward. You can do it.

Anonymous said...

Definitely get a buddy. I found that having a buddy actually motivates me to go.

Anonymous said...

ha! glad im not the only one who hates to run ... i never got that runners high no matter how hard i tried ... and well being big chested and nearly knockin myself in the face even with two sports bras on aint cool either! but glad youve been 3 times this week ... dont give up ... im tryin to find a work about buddy too!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

Oh hell naw. please do not bother me (you) while i'm working out! That's disgusting to me! its like, "ewww!! i'm sweating, i'm probably out of breath, and i'm prob hungry. please leave. now"

jameil1922 said...

dp... sigh. i know.

epsi. i know. i had them at hampton but now i don't even know anyone. i'm trying to convince one of my coworkers to move here from ohio so we can be workout buddies. lololol

ai... running sucks and i don't even have the knocking in the face issue... that's hilarious. hahahahaha.

stace... shockingly i don't even care that i'm sweaty. i do care that i may be out of breath! and yesterday i was starving!! lololol

Waking Up said...

I definitely know what you mean. I ended up joining a women's gym which is better than I thought it would be. I usually stay away from stuff like that, but its definitely better than having men staring and trying to holler all the time. I put on my headphones and go! Good luck girl, they will bother you until you curse one out or drop a barbell (accidentally of course - smile) on someone. LOL

CNEL said...

"...but you're pretty and the gym is like a club"

If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that the gym and Wal-mart were where people meet people, I'd have some cake.

3X in a week is impressive, keep going for you.

I need to get regular exercise and better food too, but I also need the time to reguarly exercise, grocery shop, and then cook. So far its baby steps, so I'm adding walking as many days as possible to what I do.

Dreamlover said...

Hey, if I was there I would be your workout buddy, hehe.

Well done girl, 3 days is awesome!

And those guys are annoying!! Sorry!

the joy said...

i'm so happy youre doing a good job at the gym. i dont believe in the gym. i'd have to take a class.

i know a guy who likes us to drop him off at walmart so he can find a frugal woman.

Chris said...

the title sounds just like me, to answer your previous question as to what's wrong with DSU's wellness center. It's simple; DSU people use it. Ugh.

jameil1922 said...

princess... really? i never thought i would want an all women's gym. if i could find a big one that didn't try to sell me on yoga and pilates (which i hate!!), maybe. but i'm not so sure pgh is the place to find such a gym.

cnel... i don't like cake... but i'll take some peach cobbler! yeah i'm on the baby steps plan w/food.

dream... awwww! wish you were here! :D

joy... you don't believe in the gym? what does that mean? the classes are at odd times for what i want to take. 630am, and the only class time for kickboxing is noon on sunday... wtf? does that make any sense?

lmao @walmart!!! hilarious. and the locals used to try to pick us up at walmart all the time in college!!

chris.. i'm frightened that we have something in common angry man. you have such a strong love hate w/dsu. i don't know how you walk around w/o punching yourself in the face and kissing the buildings simultaneously.

Marvelous said...

3 Times already?! In one week??!!! Woah! Awesome!! And Congrats Chica!

Elle Willa said...

you ever get that feeling when you have your back turned that someone is staring at you? Well..I got that feeling the other day at my new gym downstairs from work. I was on the elliptical, workin' it out...ass just a jigglin...so I turn around and this ol' boy is sittin in the office staring at me from behind a desk. I don't know how I feel about that. Felt like I'd just given someone a free peep show the way he was staring at it. YUCK.

jameil1922 said...

marv... lol thanks. i'm kind of used to working out from the college days. the main thing for me is keeping it up.

elle... that's disgusting. i would've been pissed. MANAGEMENT!! THIS MAN IS MAKING MY WORKOUT EXPERIENCE UNCOMFORTABLE AND I DON'T APPRECIATE IT!!! it's bad enough to be eye sexed by the people who work out there, but by someone who gets their checks from your money? hell no.

the joy said...

when i say i dont believe in something its just my way of saying its not for me. i need to do cardio. cant wait til madam starts her new blog.

DollFace said...

3x this week? Good job! Since my metabolism is still high, I have a hard time staying consistent..but I'm getting there!

As for guys in the gym...ehh...it comes with the territory. They stare at me...if they have bangin ass body, I stare at them...and if they don't, I pretend like they aren't there.

Madame said...

LMAO...I just had the CRAZIEST imagination...

mugger: Yo, gimme yo wallet

Jam: here you go, i was gonna run, but I don't like it too much

mugger: is this a trick. you're not scared? you're not gonna run?

Jam: Nah, fa real, I ain't gon run...u got me dammit

I know that's lame, but it was a lot funnier in my head...LOL

Now why am I just now seeing my name is this post...LOL...I fyou need help, my email address is on my profile now so feel free to send me any requests you have, I got you.

Oooooohhh.....Bally's...yeah...Madam's opinion: Unless you know what you're doing, joining there sucks...well, I only know that from experiences here in DC. Their trainers first of all aren't required to be certified before they start training, and unfortunately many of them never get certified (because bally's claims to reimburse but they don't.... On top of that, they claim to have an entire "fitness team" but the truth is they rarely have nutrionists on staff and the trainers rarely connect with teh group exercise instructors to give you get classes to attend that inprove you 360...


The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

u know it's funny everytime i go to the gym...it's funny to see the "herbs" trying to holla like it's "Club Bally's"...well actually it is...but still...

jameil1922 said...

joy... cardio cardio! ten pts if you can name who says that. get madam on the grind please. she is trippin!

doll... thx. man f the territory if you're going to go beyond staring. i can deal w/the staring but when you stop at the bottom of the stairs for no reason and try to MAKE me talk to you, you're out of control!!!

madam... ha. word. b/c clearly i also care more abt my life than my wallet. this kid just died this week who got shot in the throat for an iverson jersey in 2003. hell no. HURRY UP W/THAT BLOG!! THE PEOPLE WANT MORE!
everybody wanna give their ballys opinion now that i don't need it anymore. too late negroes!!!! already joined. this is why i don't like black people.

sarcasstik... booooooooooooo herbs.