Just onea them days

Chile puh-leaaaaaase! Rescue me from this week. Monica needs to retitle her song. Less than 24 hours from sanity. Geez. Producing again Sunday, this time completely solo. Ahhh yeah. Anyway. Yesterday I looked uber-fly. There's no reason for that. So today I toned it down. Still fly but not devastating. You can't harm people at work. There are sessions for things like that: harassment, violence in the workplace, things like that. I can't really work them into my schedule.

I made D turkey, spinach burgers for lunch. Then I listened to my messages. Guess who's coming to visit? THE BF! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! aren't you excited? I can barely contain my excitement! He's coming for his bday, June 29th. We're going to Kennywood amusement park. I also plan on taking him to Pittsburgh food institutions Eat N Park and Primanti Bros. And I'm also considering a meal atop Mt. Washington. It overlooks the city and its three rivers (I think. help me out dp and urban). What else should we do?

Watching Living Single (as I do daily). The most interesting thing to me right now is behind my eyelids. Holllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Oh yeah, I know I'm waaaaaaaaay overdue for a State of Black America update. I have several posts mentally in the works. Perhaps tomorrow. But I make no guarantees.

Ok here we go (no i don't have ADD). how about i was miss angry yest. when i left work. took me quite a while to calm down. so one of my coworkers who's off this week called yest. and asks how things went. i said, horrible but i don't want to talk about it. she said ugh! that bad! i said yep! thinking that'd be the end of it. no such luck she keeps going. my mom beeped in and it was like the color purple when squeak called miss sophia a heffa. "whatchu say?" " i saaaaaaaaid you ain't nothing but a big ole heffa. heffa, heffa, heffa, hahaha!" "whoop! time to go! *close the piano." that's how i was. when i ain't in the mood, i ain't now! gone! lol. why do people do that?


Duck said...

Don't lie to us or yourself.

You do have ADD.


What you have planned out for the BF sounds wonderful, and I'm sure he'll love Mt. Washington (out-of-towners always do). If you can't see the city from the restaurants, the observation decks on Grandview Avenue provide a magnificent view.

Hmmm, what else? Maybe stroll around the Waterfront in Homestead? If they're open, how 'bout a trip to the museums in Oakland? And maybe peruse the shops on the South Side. (Just don't run into any drunk white boys... eh.)

Oh, and I think you should never tone down the flyness. So what if it's devastating? They should expect that from a force of nature.


Duck said...
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JOB said...

Those are the same people who when you say, "what's up" or "how's it going," then proceed to tell you in detail how their guinea pig needed surgery to have a cyst removed.

Miss Ashli said...

that post was out of control.
I don't want you to be devastatingly fly, ever. thats just too much flyness for one person to handle.
what did you wear anyway?

jameil1922 said...

thanks duck! :) hahahaha. i'm easily the flyest on the weekends. i always dress the same way and no one else (not on air) even changes out of their pajamas.

job i know that's the truth.

ash... hahahahahaha. i cant even describe it. a polka dot shirt i don't think you've seen before, jeans and adorable tan shoes. if i tried to describe any further it would detract from the flyness. and i don't know why everyone was so in love w/said outfit, but they were. i got compliments all day. one girl even said "you always have the cutest clothes... i'm so jealous." HILARIOUS!

CNEL said...

I need to be rescued to, so whoever helps them out, find out if they go international.

You and burgers. When I get back I'll ask for recipes, since I'm attempting to learn how to cook.I can see it now coming home from the internship wacked out, attempting to slave over a hot stove.

Is this the bf's first visit to the Burgh?

Living Single haven't seen that in ages, well since school was still in session, and it came on at 12:30am.

Def need State of Black America A.S.A.P.

People need to most def learn when you say "I don't want to talk about it," you sort of kind of need it!

Jarrod said...

I've realized that when we as a people we go all the way. People at work aren't ready for it. So sometimes a pair of nicely creased pants, a nice neutral colored shirt and a pair of shoes (with the belt to match of course) are just enough. You can't bring out the good stuff...that's for homecoming.

Ladynay said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY BF's coming to see you! I say fill the rest of the time naked! LOL

jameil1922 said...

cnel.. yes! i luuuuuuurve burgers! yep, his 1st time in the burgh.

jarrod... i know that's right! is it wrong i'm already planning my outfits???

lady... hahahahaha. dirty girl! ummm hmmmm... i've been reading your blog. i knew what you were gonna say! lol

Anonymous said...

Primanti Bors. is the shiznit!!!

Keep the flyness up. You gotta stay flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! (or however Three Six Mafia say it)

Karamale said...

ROFLMAO @ "whup, time ta go."

"good nyte, ch'all."

jameil1922 said...

epsi... my girl from home LOVED it. she asked me to bring some home on the plane for her. i show nuf gave her the sideways look.

karamale... hahahahhahaha. my friend always says that then she says "close the piano" which makes it even more hilarious!! hahahaha!