We're takin' Over!

Ok so everybody knows that when you don't want anyone to hear something you whisper, right? Well at the station, almost no one whispers. Matter of fact, almost everyone yells. I guess its that whole spreadin the news thing. So when people are whispering, instead of my interest being peaked (sometimes it is) I usually just ignore it. But when two 40+ white people are whispering and all of a sudden I hear, "UH-UH! Homey don't play that!" and its not followed by laughter, but more earnest whispering, I want to know what you're talking about and I want to know now. I tell you I almost fell on the floor!! I'm at work people! You can't be doin this! And when I fell out laughing they looked confused and didn't even ask why. Ok so do you think its normal to be one of the most conservative Republicans that I respect and can tolerate (and even really, really like) and blurt out "UH UH! Homey don't play that!"? Its not. That is not normal. But it is hilarious. So yeah, we're takin over the world. I just want to know what he was doin watchin "In Livin' Color." That HAS to be against the Republican credo. And speaking of Republicans, why was there a Republican speaker at an NAACP event in Waterbury, CT lauding Bush's name? Because there aren't enough of those on national televison? So now you have to pay them to come tell you in person? Why don't you bring someone that can actually do some good? Enough.

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