Baller Blockin'

Why does the NBA need a dress code? Excluding "work boots," chains, jumpsuits, headphones and various other apparel. Hmm... I smell a thug. Clearly that's what the NBA is saying. And they don't like it. My favorite Republican and I had this conversation. His view: the NBA is trying to cut down on their thug image. My view: True dat, AND they're trying to do it "subtly" and failing miserably. Who can't see through that? Come on. My mom says she's not offended. So I tried to think about why I am.

Let's look at this. First, because it implies that you're trying to say that people who wear these types of things are not responsible or do not have a work ethic. Second, because this is MY generation. That means when you attack one of us, you attack all of us. This is how my generation dresses. Clothing doesn't change who the person is. If your average NBA players is a thug, then do you really think telling him he can't wear chains at team appearances is really going to change that? No.

Third, come on y'all. Who wears these things? Black people. I know I'm not being sensitive. I'm not saying there should be no restrictions on clothing for players. Okay so you want them to wear blazers and no jeans on the bench. I can see that. I thought that was always a good idea, anyway. But all team events? Get that outta here. These people are basketball players, not rocket scientists. They're not saving the world here. Who cares what they wear? I don't. The Players Association needs to shut that ish down. Look at what this dude said. Just look.

"The players have been dressing in prison garb the last five or six years. All the stuff that goes on, it's like gangster, thuggery stuff. It's time. It's been time to do that. But one must remember where one came from. I was wearing bib overalls when I was a player one time. But I wasn't going to the games or events in them. -- Lakers head coach Phil Jackson, quoted in the Oct. 19 San Gabriel Valley Tribune. "

NO. YOU. DIDN'T!!! Oh I know you didn't say that. I'm real pissed now. I am so over him. I didn't like him anyway. I don't care how many rings he has, and how many black players he loves and has coached. That statement is racist. "Thuggery?" "Thuggery." See what he thinks of us? Enough.

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