Safe! And Stream of Consciousness...

We made it through Valentine's Day just fine! And it was even better because we had some free Krispy Kreme via his job. What what?! In case you forgot, Dunkin Donuts, bad. Krispy Kreme, AWESOME!! To live in the birthplace of the best doughnuts, there are surprisingly (and disappointingly) few KKs here.

Do two doughnuts the night before a run count toward carb loading? Because they should. And if they do, then I'm ready to run 6 miles later today! Woohoo! I need some LMFAO on my running playlist! Crunk music gets me moving! Team Jameil have a great run!!

Did you see Lady Gaga's face mesh at the Grammy's Sunday? I LOVED IT! I want some. It's not that far from veils on a hat and we all know I love me some veils! So I'm definitely gonna need some face mesh for the Oscar party I better be invited to next month.

I went to a documentary lecture yesterday and it was such a breath of fresh air. MAN I need to be using my brain more. I'm so bored at home. Reading, cooking and watching movies isn't enough for me.

On Demand has some of the most horrible Black History Month programming I have ever seen in my life. Since when does being black automatically qualify you as a black history moment? Raunchy comedy show performances? Black chefs cooking? BHM fail, On Demand. Please go back and research the intent behind the month. UPLIFT and AWARENESS of our contributions to society.

Did you see Mariah Carey on the BET Honors? I LOVE HER!! She is theeeee best! I sure do listen to her Christmas music out of season. And so what? LOL

I was supposed to make Valentine's day cards from scratch this year. Oops. Didn't quite make it.

Why am I awake all night again? Tyler no likey.


Mrs Count said...

You do not get a catch phrase!

I'm glad you guys made it through yesterday and that doughnuts could help. They make everything better.

K. Rock said...

What in the world is a Dunkin Donut in comparison to Krispy Kreme. Superiorly inferior that's what!

I may try a LMFAO Pandora station on my next run but I am honestly afraid of what I may get. If they play Pitbull....I think I may break my phone.

That's my only issue with being a stay at home mom (like that's really an option for me). I think I would get sick of being home and want to use my brain. Hopefully you find an engaging activity (or a job).

Sparkling Red said...

Ooh, documentary lecture... *drools* I am on a self-education kick lately. I subscribed (digitally) to the New York Times, I'm reading tons of non-fiction, and my mom has promised to pass along her National Geographic magazines to me after she's done reading them. Brains!

Valentine's day cards from scratch? I didn't even manage to buy any from a store!

Nerd Girl said...

Once again we must part ways - I think Krispy Kreme are the grossest donuts ever!

Please take pictures of your Lady Gaga/Hannibal Lecter face mask contraption. Please????

You should've called me. I woke up at two and just laid in bed thinking about all the stuff I should have been doing since I was awake. #fail

Jameil said...

mrsc... lol! oh HIMYM! doughnuts are the best!!!

k... indeed! down with DD! LOL! I like Pitbull! He'd certainly keep it crunk on the run! Dear job, do you hear that???

red... it was quite enjoyable! i love the NYT. i'll be digitally subscribing when i'm gainfully employed. i saw some cute tutorials in MSLiving and different things on etsy and had to have it!

ng... FOR SHAME!!!!!! I'm so disappointed in you. You already know it's on for the Gaga face mask! LOL @ the thought of our 2 a.m. conversations. I'm sure they would be the stuff of blog fodder! You'll need to get on the twitter to let me know you're awake!

Ladynay said...

I have to stay far far far away from the hot and ready sign! LOL!

Glad you 2 made it through 2/14.

InnerDiva said...

I didn't try KK until college. Do you know that there are no stores in my area, just gas stations trying to pass them off?

HIMYM is everything.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Happy to hear you made it through V-day! Having a family member struggle with addiction is hard, I've dealt with it too. Whitney's death hit me hard too, she was such a vivid memory from my childhood, I remember getting the Exhale sound track for Christmas.

Jameil said...

ladynay... I sought it out the other day!! LOL

diva... those gas station KKs are an abomination! when i lived in Pittsburgh, there was one right by my dad's house. i was so excited!!! then they closed. :( One day I did a fat tour and went waaaaay across town to get some! LOL

sha... still listen to the Preacher's Wife cd every Christmas and in between. le sigh