Monday Mindspacing Vol. 131

1) I like watching butter melt. I think it looks cool. Too bad I'm only using butter for baking now. Womp womp.
2) I had a FANTASTIC run yesterday! I felt magical during my four miles! I'm running 6.2 (10k) on Tuesday! I also read some things about shaking up your training that I'm excited to try out!
3) I ruined my sleep pattern again when Rashan was off two weeks ago. Oops. The 8 books I read last month are also to blame. I read several of them in one day. I was sleepy but so far in that I was like I should just read these last 100 pages. It's so good! 50 pages more isn't bad. Keep going. For shame.
4) I have at least 6 posts I need to do, several related to my 30 before 30 and other goals. -_- This is the longest blog slump I've ever had in 6.5 years of blogging. Sheesh that's a long time. My mouth dropped open after I calculated it.
5) I'm trying new produce and I really want somebody to tell me how to get into this knobby thing labeled an "African yam" at the grocery store. AND tell me how to cook it.
6) I started a free online foreign language program (Mango) via my library on Friday. Two lessons in and I'm already ready to impress the workers at my favorite produce purveyor. Estoy bien, gracias. Y tu? J/k. LOLOL I know about 2 phrases more than I knew before. (And I already knew that one.) But I understand some things I never did. I took Spanish 3-6 grades. French in 10-12th. I'm starting with Spanish, then French, Italian, Urdu (one of my good friends is Pakistani), Portuguese and Arabic.
7) I'm doing the February photo challenge but I haven't figured out where or when I'm posting them yet. I'm enjoying y'all's photos, though.
8) Some days I'm very zen about everything. Other days I'm impatient about taking over the world. Today is a zen day. Om.
9) Speaking of om. I'm terrible at yoga. I know that shouldn't be but the quietude makes me nuts. And it's so sloooow. And I'm a competitive person and have to constantly remind myself yoga is supposed to be the opposite of competition. I don't have to be able to hold the same pose as the teacher. Duh. It's a very annoying experience. And yet some of the stretches feel so great that I keep going back.
10) I don't want to be one of those people but I'm about 5 minutes from shutting facebook down. It just annoys me more than anything else most days. There are a couple of people (and my eye roll of a running group) that I'm ONLY connected to via facebook who are the sole reason I keep the account.


gradydoctor said...

1. Butter? Eww. Did you know? It's with cheese for me. Thumbs down.

2. Who's better than you? I'm jealous.

3. Sleep is for wimps.

4. If you stopped running you'd have time to blog. Just saying. (That's just me hating because you're not even 30 yet.)

5. Yet another thing you could give up in order to blog more.

6. Dag. You's a ambitious little renaissance woman, ain't you? I'm still trying to master English, yo.

7. I'm not blog-tacular enough to know what this is.

8. Zen is for people with no kids.

9. I always fall asleep at the end of yoga and do the snorf thing. (Snorf = snore that wakes you up and you try to look all cool like it wasn't you.)

10. Facebook is the devil. Ha. (Seriously, I've never been a member but I love saying that. And I sort of secretly think it lightweight is the devil. Ha ha ha. But so is coffee, which I drink often and refuse to give up.)

Trish said...

3. I have been having terrible sleep lately, last night especially.

4. I noticed, but I'm definitely not one to talk.

8. I feel impatient the majority of the time. Maybe I need some yoga in my life...

10. I totally agree!! Some people wake up to a box of Angry O's every morning!

Sparkling Red said...

1) I agree. Those little bubbles are fascinating.
3) The other day I put a book down and went to bed with only 40 pages to go! It was tough, but I knew I would appreciate the ending more if I wasn't slightly rushing and tired while I was reading it.
6) I meant to respond to your tweet about learning Spanish and French in the same day. Heavens, that would be confusing! And Urdu? Wow, good luck with that.
9) I do yoga at home while listening to intellectually stimulating podcasts. The rare times I've gone to a yoga class I always fall asleep during the meditation time.

MrsTDJ said...

1. Wait! You've given up on butter????? **dramatic pause for contemplation**
5. I'd make it as unhealthy as possible. Peel it, slide it into discs and candy it on the stovetop with sugar, butter, cinnamon and vanilla.
10. I'm active in a few facebook groups, but not too much outside of that. I can't access it during the work day and once I'm home, I don't care enough to log on.

Los Angelista said...

How was your 10K? SO exciting that you did it. Woot! Isn't it fun when running 2 or 3 miles--a distance that seemed really long--suddenly becomes a short run?

I've been slacking on blogging, too. I need to get it together. How is the food challenge going this week?

Jameil said...

gd... 1) i'm cool with that. lol
2) why thank ya!
3) i wanna be a wimp so badly!!
4) lolol
5) LOL! how does food not trump blogging??
6) i have to entertain myself! i so forgot about my spanish lessons this week... oops.
7) people take a picture daily.
8) lol then let me enjoy it while i can!!!
9) i can't ever relax that much!! hilarious.
10) i rarely drink coffee so it makes me crackish when i do. so it probably is the devil! lol

trish... 3) booo!!
4) lol neither are most of the people who noticed. commenting has gotten so sporadic i just don't see the point. I feel like I'm talking and no one's listening.
8) good luck!
10) and we all must know about it :/

red... 1) yes!
3) i should learn this tool oh wise one!
6) lol my head was swimming that day!
9) that makes a lot of sense!

mrstdj... 1) please try to keep up.
5) ew. i hate my vegetables sweetened up unless i'm putting them in a pie. tis why i can only moderately tolerate even naturally sweet butternut squash and sweet potatoes.
10) i wish i could stay away. or block 90% of the people on there.

liz... it was cool! i definitely need to work on pacing so that's my goal over the next month or so until the race. i broke up with the food challenge!