"Hey Tyreek, Can we join you?"

Has anyone else seen this MTV commercial? It shows "the black guy" (will the Real World ever have more than one per season? or has there been a season like that and i just missed it? whatever happened to tek? how did he spell that?)

The commercial is very Harold Ford, Jr.-esque. You know the infamous commercial in Tennessee's current Senate race between the aforementioned 36-year-old, unmarried Democrat who comes from a long line of politicians and Republican Bob Corker. The Republican National Committee paid for an add featuring a blonde white woman saying, "I met Harold at the Playboy party! ... Call me Harold." Are you joking? You're running so scared of losing this election that you have to play on the familiar fear historically held by white Southern men? We won't even talk about the white guy in black face.

That's not what this post is about! But similar. The new MTV commercial shows the black guy (TBG), Tyreek, in a hot tub. Three white women in red bathing suits walk up to the patio door and say, "Tyreek, can we join you?" And he starts daydreaming about all the white women mutliplying. Suddenly he's surrounded by white women in bathing suits who all want to get in the hot tub. Then he snaps out of it and there are just three who say, "Tyreek! Hey Tyreek! Can we join you?" Tacky MTV. Very tacky.


DP said...

I read somewhere (and I concur) that Harold Ford will have to be 6 points up on November 6 to win on November 7.

I refuse to believe the good folk of Tennessee are ready to elect a black man senator.

And while I understand and even support the right of Harold Ford to remain single while in politics, surely he understands that maybe, JUST maybe, he might wanna ease up on the mackin, especially of the snowbunnies.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...


I can't believe the Tenn mess! I really can't believe that!!! Its plausible but still unbelieveable.

Madame said...

I hate that damn commecial too. WTF? Fa real tho, could it not be any more insulting? And I'm not even a black male and I'm upset at the stereotype *smh*

Leela said...

wow, the TN commercial is apalling!

on another note, the Real World Las Vegas (the best season ever, btw!!!!) had 1 black man, and 2 half-black women, and the last time I saw Teck, he was rapping in a questionable video on BET UnCut...

the joy said...

yes this season actually has two black guys but i think one is gay.

and yes teck is on a horrible video with ass in his face.

the commercial just made me bored. i didnt think that deep into it, the other ones are just as stupid.

jameil1922 said...

dp... polls mean nothing. except they get democrats overly complacent so they don't go to the polls. so annoying. i wholeheartedly agree w/the mackin thing. seriously. sit down. the south does not want to elect someone they think can't keep it in their pants.

stace... mmm hmmm.

madam... i just sat there w/my mouth open when i saw it.

leela... i remember but not two black males. ah yes. good ol uncut.

joy... i heard one is a howard dude and a staunch republican.

Chris said...

Nothing surprises me anymore, especially the Ford and MTV ads. Like all brothers are just dying to put it on every white girl they see. While no one talks about white men who fetishize (or at least attempt to fetishize) black women as lips, butts, and boobs. Crooked world we live in, no?

Amber Ileene said...

ahh welcome to my world ... the great state of tennessee ... the funny thing is folk here will vote purely on what commercial they agreed with more ... as opposed to acutally researching and studying the issues ... and so im here fighting against all the folk elsewhere who think that we walkin around barefoot chewin straw and tippin cows ...cause in truth... in the not so literal sense that is what some of us are doing ... and could careless about who gets into office whether they are black or not ...

Madame said...

OH MY GOSH...please say that cat IS NOT from Howard!
**throws right arm across forehead, gasps, and passes out in her computer chair**

Genesis said...

actually real world : new york part 2 had three black people. that was the first time they had so many on at one time...even though one of them was half black...it dont matter. she was black to me...no less black than jada pinkett.

jameil1922 said...

chris... surprised? no. still appalled/annoyed/irrirtated? yep.

amber... people vote like that everywhere. people say foolish things to me abt NC, too. so irritating. some asshole in college asked me if we still had dirt roads and drove horse and buggies. look at my face

madam... you might be doin that alllllllll season.

genesis... i know they've had more than one black person. i'm asking more than one black guy. i just can't remember. not like i'm the real world expert anyway tho.

the joy said...

and actualy i think coral and the crazy drag queen lookin girl were both mixed. boy, i almost forgot about that manly chick.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

This is one of the reasons why i gave up TV about 6 years ago.

Im so out of loop as to whats on TV- but it doesnt sound like im missing much at all.

CNEL said...

The finger is pointing to a smile turned upside that sits on my face.

This foolishness doesn't surprise me, while I was in St. Louis, I saw someone who was blackface (yes, black face paint) and this person was also wearing an Afro as part of a Halloween party, tacky is an understatement.

Politics has gotten too dirty, and is no longer about the issues, it's not about dialogue, and finding real solution to real problems which in my mind is what it should be about.

CNEL said...

Oh and there have been black ppl on Real World

Heather B (the rapper) and Kevin Powell(the hip hop journalist) in New York
Gladys (the girl who I think got kicked off for something) somewhere in Florida
Stephen(the boy who slapped the girl Irene) in Seattle
Aneesa and the random dude in Chicago
Karamo and that girl in Philly

I still think MTV chooses confrontational or stereotypical ppl for their show, as do most reality TV shows.

Epsilonicus said...

Does this surprise you??? It is MTV now.

Hustle Simmons said...

maaaaaaaan, this dude tan nguyen, well, "someone in his campaign" sent letters to 14,000 latino families threatening them with jail time if they vote in the election


Dreamlover said...

I saw the ford commercial, it was ridiculous, never seen the Tyreek one, but nothing on MTV surprises me.

I remember when they had the gay black guy on that show, damn, MTV just keeps blowing me away!!

spchrist said...

Damn. I was looking for the clip of this ad.

Absolutely disgraceful.

jameil1922 said...

joy and CNEL!!! i'm asking abt 2 BLACK GUYS not black women, not mixed folk (tho i'd include them in the two black guys) but i know there are black people on real world!! y'all are drivin me nutty!

ace... what good does it do to give up tv? i don't udnerstand that at all and won't even try to pretend i do.

cnel.. that's exactly what politics is now. of course mtv chooses confrontational people and situations. otherwise who would watch it? that's not my issue. that's "good" (relative term) tv.

epsi... surprised or not it annoys me. i actually think mtv is more responsible w/its diverse/ethnic/urban/whatever programming than bet is so...

peabo.. def heard abt that. my mouth was wide open. yeah that kind of shit doesn't happen w/o you knowing. 14k notices? nah dog. you authorized that. you had to.

sp... i'll say. you know i'm not the you tuber so i couldn't help you w/that.