Monday Mindspacing Vol. 150

1) Remember how I look forward to being a grandma more than a mom (more fun)? Rashan and I have decided upon our names as grandparents. I was going with Grandma until he said he wants to be Pop. So I'll be Nana. Nana and Pop goes together. :)
2) When I was going running the other day, Rashan was smiling at me randomly. I said, "What??" He said, "My wife is beautiful." SWOON!
3) I'm so glad tv is back! But Thursday is a crazy TV day for me. Yikes! Anyway... New shows: I like "The Mindy Project" and "Go On." "Partners" was okay but I can't see it lasting. "The Neighbors" amuses me. "The New Normal" is still wretched but the little girl's Little Edie (from "Grey Gardens") was magnificent! "Guys with Kids" is a fail. Worst? "Animal Practice." Never watch it. I'm secretly obsessed with which shows get cancelled with. Secret's out.
4) If you haven't seen the premiere of "The Office" yet, skip this.... I'm so sad Dwight's not the father. :(((((  I love them together. That episode started wrapping up too much stuff for me. I'M NOT READY!! But Creed has been cracking me up this season!
5) I get strange desires for food. No I'm not pregnant. This isn't new. But I'm ever more susceptible to commercials and food shows. It's ridiculous.
6) My left ankle is being intermittently mean to me. Make it stop.
7) I read several blogs where people put nut butter (healthy bloggers love the term nut butter) on waffles. I cooked two waffles, put peanut butter between them and topped both with syrup. YES, LORD! The bloggers were right! Bless them.
8) We get a Trader Joe's here on OCTOBER 26TH!!! YAY!!!! I haven't lived in a city with a TJ since 2008!! I'll probably get a job hundreds of miles away a week before they open. LOL I'll take the trade-off. Hopefully it will be in a city where TJs is also just 6 minutes away!
9) Nearly no one gets this about me but... I almost hate running with music. It's an unnecessary distraction for me. I only use it occasionally when running alone and then low enough that I can hear my surroundings. With other people, I'm chattering. In a race, I'm working hard and absorbing what's happening. A lot of people find music helps them in rough patches. That is when music most irritates me. I'm always like "SHUT UP!!" And rip out the earphones. I know! Extreme! Before I started running, I was a "leave the gym if you don't have your ipod" kind of girl. I'm not even sure how the change began but it was somewhere in my 3rd month of running.
10) Somehow I forgot to mention I lost my race porta potty virginity at the BGR! race! All of my other races had non-porta bathrooms available. I hadn't used a porta potty since softball at age 8. What a difference! Spacious, with toilet seats & paper and HAND SANITIZER!! And since it was dark and there were no lines, free of trauma. Hallelujah! (And you're welcome for sharing!)
11) I'm reading the new J.K. Rowling novel mostly because it got terrible reviews. LOL I'm a little over halfway through and I must say, there's nothing like a 500-page book where the first 100+ pages are a slog of too many characters. Yes. Yes, I mean this book.
12) I'm going to be a poll worker for early voting this year. Can't. Wait. We had an orientation with the temp agency that does staffing for the county. It was supposed to start at 3 and last about 30 minutes. I was there at 2:50. A woman strolls in at 3:04. Orientation actually started at 3:10. This man walks in at NO LIE, 3:28. 3:28!?!? We started 10 minutes late and you're still an additional 18 minutes late??? What if it started on time and actually lasted 30 minutes?? Mess. I expect many much more delicious stories. Oh the blog fodder!


Trish said...

2. Awwwwww!

3. I like the Mindy Project too and I also agree about The New Normal. I don't think that neighbor show will last at all, it's not really funny to me.

8. We just had one open here and people were camped out for the opening. I'm so glad that I don't love anything enough to wait outside for it...

9. I cannot workout without music or a tv.

K. Rock said...

1. My MIL wants to be called GiGi but my son refuses. He wants to call her good ole fashioned Grandma.
2. Was he running with you?
3. I learned that I dont care for comedies anymore. All the shows I watch are dramas bc they keep me coming back each week.
7. I too love the term nut butter. But even better than that is "nut meat". I cant get enough of saying it. But I dont care to actually eat the stuff.
9. I could see this. I remember when I ran the half, by about the 7th mile, I was totally like "shut up!"
12. Rock the vote!

Anonymous said...

1. He must be called Pop Pop. Goes much better with Nana. My mother wants to be called GiGi...I have called her everything but, and intend to make sure that my son does the same once he can articulate more than the word "No."
2. That's so sweet. I wish I didn't have to poke my husband or be pregnant for him to say sweet stuff like that.
3. We like Guys With Kids. Maybe because we cna relate? I just don't like how mean they make Tempest Bledsoe's character.
12. Keep the stories coming!

Jameil said...

trish... 2) :)))
3) The Neighbors gets funnier every week! Give it another shot! We were LOLing a LOT this week.
8) LOL I will definitely be hanging out if my work schedule allows *crosses fingers* I like free stuff!
9) I feel you

k... 1) LOL! Apparently my grandma told my oldest cousins to call her GRANDMOTHER. Never! They still do. She was always grandma to me. My sister's childhood bff called her great-grandma GiGi so I definitely want that when I'm a great-grandma!
2) LOL Who?? NO ma'am.
3) !!! I am the exact opposite. Comedies all day! I think I gave every new comedy a chance.
7) LOLOL @ you loving nut butter. :( and gross at nut meat.
9) YES!! This is me on many many runs!
12) Indeed!

innerdiva... 1) LOL I might not stick with Nana. I have decades to decide! Why are you so anti-Gigi??? LOL
2) LOL!
3) I like lots of shows I can't relate to. It's just not funny to me. Rashan likes it tho. It's weird that the show is Guys With Kids but many of the eps focus on her.
12) Definitely! Mayhaps I'll have enough inspiration to return to far more regular blogging. Yay!

Sparkling Red said...

Excuse me... you decided to read a book because it got terrible reviews? O_0 No unnerstan.

Jameil said...

red... I know, right??? I just wanted to see what the reverse hype was about!