Monday Mindspacing Vol. 148

1) The day after I wrote the fall imminence post, I had a (Dogfish) pumpkin ale. It was good. Could have been more pumpkin-y. It still made me feel sad. What didn't make me sad? My brother taking me out for a fancy early dinner where I had said ale. Twas great!
2) I'm running my 3rd 10K in Atlanta this weekend! Yay! My what just happened here (if the race goes poorly) goal is to PR. That means faster than 1:13:46. My realistic goal is 1:10. My beast mode goal is 1:09 or faster. I'm soooo excited! Especially because one of my Atlanta homies is running the 5K that day. Yay!
3) I tried this concentrated "flavor boost" chicken broth from Swanson. I HATE it. It smells and tastes of burned rubber. I'm going to call that a product fail.
4) Too many fashion bloggers at NY Fashion Week are trying too hard to be unique at the cost of personal style. I'll leave you alone if I normally think you look crazy but you usually look mostly normal and you're in left field this week. Ma'am...
5) I read two books in a row that mentioned Nora Ephron's 1983 book, Heartburn. Isn't that weird?? So I checked it out from the library and I quite enjoyed it! Short, quick read.
6) I made a pork loin last night that has me back on team pork. For a while everything that wasn't bacon, ham or sausage smelled and tasted disgusting to me. This herb-marinated loin recipe from Ina Garten? Re-converted! *Note: I did the 3-hour marinade vs. the overnight and it was amazing.* But I think I'm still done with pork chops.
7) You know what would be nice? A break from non-essential people! I would be really, really happy to not have to be around anyone but the very specific people of my choosing for a whole week. That would be great.
8) I wish I liked yoga. It's supposed to be so good for you and it bores me to tears.
9) I know I owe you a 30 Before 30 update and a look at my 35 Before 35. You shall love it! :)
10) I need more eggs in my life. Rashan stopped eating them over a year ago and it's slowed down my egg consumption. This is sad. I need to fix this post haste!
11) Okay I love Christmas more than most but TALK OF CHRISTMAS CARDS NOW?!?! PEOPLE!! IT MUST STOP!!!


Trish said...

1. I never knew you had a brother!!
2. Good thing the weather has cooled off, I hope you have a great race!
6. I love trying new recipes. I tried to make my own concoction with some salmon and that was a bust!
7. Where can I sign up to participate?
9. Tapping foot patiently...
11. Tooooo early!

K. Rock said...

2. Maybe I will see you there. I'll be doing the 10K as well.
3. Is that the one where in the commercial the chef puts this gelatinous stuff in his pan and lets it melt? If so, I could see that being questionable.
7. I have totally ridded my life of nonessential people. If it werent for coworkers, everybody that I see, I would like.
8. I still havent tried it.

SimplyB said...

1. I love most things pumpkin. I may try the ale.

2. I'm running the 5k! It will be my first and I'm very excited. I'm sure I won't see you but good luck in advance on your PR. I heard the 10k is very hilly.

3. Product fails suck. I hate wasting money.

6. I'm gonna try this recipe. I don't think I've ever had pork loin.

Jameil said...

trish... 1) Yep! Older
2) Thank you! It's supposed to be magnificent on Sunday! I'm amped!
6) Lol! I'm scared of what was in that recipe!
7) If you find out first, let me know!
9) Oopsie!
11) Right?!?!

k... 2) maybe??? booooo! YOU BETTER SEE ME!!
3) IDK that commercial but it sounds like the same thing. Blech. I sent them a letter & they're sending me a coupon.
7) That. is. AWESOME!!
8) It's so QUIET! I'm bad at the quietness.

simply... 1) if you like beer, too, you must!
2) That's so cool!! I saw the course profile. I live in a very hilly area so I'm pretty confident I'm prepared.
3) They're sending me a coupon! Yay!
6) It's AWESOME!