This is Why

I love him...

He calms me.

I was on 10. I mean really, really angry around 11:15 this morning. I saw my whole day disentegrating. I was more than an hour behind schedule. I needed to go to the gym, go eat, go to the DMV, wash my hair, wash clothes, blog, talk to my mom and maybe Kyle. I might have worn him out yesterday. We hadn't talked, talked in days because he was so busy putting together the Gym Gems of the Year... (did anyone see them? They were magnificent!! And I don't just say that because I love him. I'm not that kind of girl. I can be blunt and slightly harsh... I'm sure you hadn't noticed that about me) We'd talked about his progress on them and various random other things, but it was usually a quick and dirty conversation (not that kind of dirty you pervs), 15-20 minutes and done. I NEED SOME SUBSTANCE!!

(sidenote: we ordinarily talk a minimum of 25 minutes a day with 2-3 days of 90 minute plus conversations. Once a month (maybe less), we talk 3 or more hours. Yes I know its insane. Usually by the end, even we have no idea how we talked that long and about what. It was the same way when we were just friends).


I called him to vent but he didn't answer so I just yelled at his answering machine for about 4 minutes. I felt slightly better but still not as good as talking to him. I was talking to one of my work homies sitting outside the gym when he called back so he left a message.

I had a half smile at the start of the message, a dreamy look in the middle, then a full on cheese, giant smile at the end. The message was only about 3 minutes but I was ready to go have a productive work-out and just relax.

One of my father's best traits is the ability to listen without judgement when you really need it, then give stellar, calming advice. I'm so grateful to have found that in the man I love.


Sha Boogie said...

Isn't that just awesome when you can find someone that calms you instead of enrages you?..lol.. I get that same giggly, giddy, dreamy, crazy in love look too!

LaurenAshleigh said...

Thank GOD for them. Even when I'm on 27, Psuedo boyfriend finds a way to have my laughing inside 3 minutes.

I have no idea how he does it.
But I'm so glad he can and does.

My daddy can do the same w/me. So maybe it's true that we unconsciously look for men like our daddies.

Vdizzle said...

All I can say is: yaaaaayyy!!!

That's so nice. Gotta love those full on cheese smilles.

Yay Jameil!!!! Yaaaayyy!!
*clapping hands also*

CNEL said...


And that is all because L.A. did the heavy lifting for today.

Chris said...

*cue Beyonce's "Like My Daddy"*


That's cool how he just knows what to say and what to do to calm your militant self down. Up with Kyle!

jameil1922 said...

sha... i LOVE it. its invaluable.

la... aren't they great?

v... :) i know! :)

thanks c!

chris... kyle is fab. for no reason. it is no small feat to calm me down as i'm sure you can imagine.

the joy said...

yay! i know just what you mean. its like, on a bad day all i really wanna do is tell him about it and have him squeak at me about how it'll be ok.

and you actually listened to the message?

Anonymous said...

i like this blog alot ... gives me that warm fuzzy feelin all over!

Madam said...
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Madam said...

oooh..I was confused for a sec. I had to reread to make sure of who you were talking about...ur boo or you daddy. couldn't tell who was the one to calm you down, lol, but i got it the second time around.

Little girls who love their Fathers seek him in their men...it's the only way we are satisfied.

4EverJennayNay said...

I read the title and automatically heard that beat of that song that I loathe so much.

You go girl! Finding a man that values and appreciates you is one thing, but find one that understands is golden.

::sings that Xcape song::

jameil1922 said...

joy... of course i listened to the msg. why wouldn't i?

ai... :D

madam... i've heard that before...

jenn... i don't think i know that song. but the understanding is insane. its great.

Honey-Libra said...

It's wonderful when you find someone who has the qualities that the man who first taught you about love (your dad)...gotta love that

So...Wise...Sista said...

Fantastic. You cant teach that trait. The similarity to your dad is prob what drew you to him. :)

dreamyj said...

awwww. that is really sweet, good for you!